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Case Study

Creating a better healthcare community through a Mobile app taking the stress out of prescriptions


Founded by the Dohmen Company more than 25 years ago, Restat has always taken an innovative approach to healthcare benefits. As an independent part of the Dohmen family, Restat pursues markets that traditional prescription benefits management (PBM) often overlook. Working toward the fulfillment of one clear vision, they seek to improve the wellbeing of their communities by creating a more efficient, affordable and accessible healthcare supply system.

Today, Restat is the nation’s largest privately held healthcare benefits manager. They have no ownership ties to pharmacies, wholesalers, mail order services or other companies that dispense and sell medications. They make no money from favoring a certain pharmacy or promoting prescription sales. They are independent, and work only for their customers.

Restat wanted to enhance their members’ everyday lives by developing a tool that would create some transparency around prescription services and design a member-focused experience. A tool that would allow users to easily manage their own prescriptions, including personal history, pharmacy prescription pricing comparison, and convenient locations directory, all in one. Stress free Rx management? Just what the doctor ordered.


We understood that existing Rx management could be a real pill, so our challenge was to create an easy-to-use, yet reliable mobile app for every age group represented in Restat’s membership. We began our #AumThink process, learned the Rx landscape and Restat’s unique positioning and consumer prescription needs, then strategized various interactive design details and mobile features that would provide the best user experience. User-flow ideation schematics were formulated, drug information plugged in, and a complex calculation formula to show members the predicted cost of the prescriptions based on their insurance copay.

The product of our brainchild was a one-of-a-kind user experience, where users could seamlessly navigate the best prices for branded or generic drugs at pharmacies closest to them. The user could now have a full understanding of their medication with a visual of the pill itself, uses, side effects, and instructions for proper use. All in the very first customized Restat mobile app, which achieved both our client’s goals and their customer’s need for a useful tool to take the stress out of medication madness.

Restat  | Mobile App
Restat  | Mobile App
Restat  | Mobile App
Restat  | Mobile App