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Elevating employee engagement gurus to SEO superstars

Davis & Company

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    Davis & Company

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    SEO & SEM, Voice Search

The Ask

For 30 years, Davis & Company has led the dialogue in employee communication, shaping narratives that connect, captivate, and inspire action within the corporate landscape.

Their unique values, to act with integrity while building a healthy and strong community, reflect who they are, how they work, and allow them to solve the most complex employee communication issues plaguing the modern business.

However, in the digital era, they know it’s not just what you say but how you’re heard. That’s why they partnered with us – to fine-tune their digital presence, magnify their message, and attract the high-caliber clientele that listens closely and acts decisively.

Their objectives: 

  • Elevate online visibility to engage a broader, more dedicated professional audience 
  • Refine the user experience and optimize online interactions to keep users engaged and informed
  • Drive targeted web traffic that fosters genuine engagement and conversions


When we came into the picture, we quickly uncovered a classic conundrum: Davis & Company’s search terms were getting lost in translation, and their paid ads were draining budgets without drawing the right crowd. Plus, their newly launched website was like a great speech without a microphone: not getting the reach it deserved.

So, we donned our digital detective hats and carried out a deep analysis of the search environment. Our mission: to craft a multi-channel campaign that harmonized paid, organic, and social optimization for comprehensive traffic gains.

Our four-step strategy was meticulous and methodical:

  1. Insightful investigation – We scrutinized the market, scoped out the competition, conducted keyword research, and executed a technical, content and link-building audit.
  2. Strategy and planning – Armed with insights and aligned with Davis & Company’s ambitions, we crafted a digital roadmap robust enough to support their online makeover.
  3. Tactical rollout – We deployed our arsenal of SEO, PPC, SMO, and content creation with precision, ensuring every move was a step toward greater visibility.
  4. Analytical review – Post-optimization, we didn’t just crunch numbers; we translated them into smarter, sharper strategies that kept the qualified leads coming.

Recognizing the rise of voice search, we didn’t just optimize for clicks.

“Hey Siri, what’s the best way to enhance team communication at work?”

No matter who you’re asking – Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant – Davis & Company will be front and center.

Our comprehensive care didn’t stop there! We handed over best practice documents like prized recipes, offered suggestions and recommendations regarding copy and linking, and went the extra mile by clearing up any on- and off-page errors. Plus, we cranked up their Drupal CMS to be as SEO and user-friendly as possible.

With our technical know-how, Davis & Company’s digital presence now speaks volumes, crystal clear and SEO sharp.


Under our guidance, Davis & Co. not only maintained their leadership in employee communication – they soared:

  • Total traffic increased by 38%
  • US traffic improved by 25%
  • Social traffic astoundedly surged by 295%
  • Organic traffic soared by 52% 

As wonderful as these results are, they only tell a fraction of the tale. Our venture into voice search optimization resulted in an organic traffic bump of 5-10% from local-search keywords and a 20-25% rise from long-tail queries, thanks to our targeted content. The cherry on top? An 8% drop in bounce rates, a clear sign that visitors weren’t just stopping by – they were engaging.

  • 295%

    Surge in Social Traffic
  • 52%

    Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 38%

    Improvement in Total Traffic
  • 25%

    Increase in US Traffic

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I've partnered with Aumcore Digital Marketing Agency for 10+ years and they have always been integral to my marketing strategy. I'm very thankful to have such a valuable partner that cares and helps us achieve real results.
Vaishali Benner VP of Marketing, Davis & Company
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