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Cashing in on keywords:
Pivotal180's SEO & SEM success

Pivotal 180

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    Pivotal 180

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    SEO & SEM

The Ask

Hailing from the bustling financial hub of New York, Pivotal180 is an authority in financial education, tackling critical topics like climate change finance and eco-friendly infrastructure investment. They’re not just about numbers; they’re about making sense of those numbers in ways that resonate and inspire action.

Pivotal180’s suite of services – from interactive live courses to personalized workshops – is meticulously designed to decode financial jargon, making it accessible to all. They use their expertise to advise, train and coach clients in navigating complex financial transactions while valuing social and environmental responsibility that aligns with international development.

Their expertise transcends New York’s skyline as they set sights on cultivating digital growth across the US and Australian markets. This was the cue for Aumcore to take the stage, tasked with propelling Pivotal180’s brand into the spotlight, illuminating the path for clients to uncover the beauty of streamlined financial processes.

Their objectives:

  • Project their instructional prowess beyond New York, reaching a trans-Pacific audience hungry for financial education
  • Tailor the online experience to provide clearer pathways for clients seeking financial mastery
  • Guide relevant web traffic toward their educational offerings, nurturing engagement that leads to active participation


Our strategy for Pivotal180 can be likened to portfolio management of all of their digital assets. Through precision-engineered SEO and support of Pivotal180’s strategic ad placements, we transformed their online presence.

The backbone of our strategy was a comprehensive technical audit – think of it as a financial health check for Pivotal180’s website. The resulting optimizations catapulted their keywords, positioning them as leaders in the financial training sector.

We also bridged the gap between marketing outreach and customer engagement, turning every interaction into a capital opportunity.

The objective of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and digital growth. Paid search was identified as an essential component of both revenue growth and brand awareness, working in tangent with the long-term approach of SEO.

Now, Pivotal180’s digital platform trades in the currency of clarity. The site’s navigation is a guided tour through the complex world they simplify, optimized perfectly for the mobile investor on the go. We made sure Pivotal180’s website is not only responsive but responsible, catering to the precise needs of their diverse clients.


Aumcore’s digital alchemy transformed Pivotal180’s online narrative, not only elevating their brand visibility in the US and Down Under but also securing them a prime position on Google’s first page.

The ambition driving Pivotal180’s paid media strategy was clear: to fuel lead generation. The numbers tell a story of triumph:

  • Conversion and lead generation rate increased by 40%
  • Cost per acquisition decreased by 42%
  • Average cost per click (CPC) decreased by 19% in just 5 months
  • In just 4 months, overall traffic improved by 19%, and the site’s organic traffic grew by 17%
  • 40%

    Increase in Leads and Conversions
  • 42%

    Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
  • 19%

    Improvement in Overall Site Traffic
  • 17%

    Growth in Organic Traffic

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