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The Prescription for Digital
Success: Apotheco's Web & SEO

Apotheco Pharmacy

  • client

    Apotheco Pharmacy

  • Project

    SEO, UX_UI Design & Web Development

The Ask

Apotheco Pharmacy Group was established in 2013 with one simple yet ambitious goal: revolutionizing personalized dermatology care. Offering a tailored blend of expertise, medication, and education via their online platform, they’ve become the dermatology industry’s trusted go-to.

What began as a small team operating out of one pharmacy has now grown into a sprawling network of 15 specialized pharmacies across the U.S., and thanks to a fresh infusion of capital from WAUD Capital, they were primed for a glow-up. So, who better to step in than us, ready to take their brand from great skin to next-level radiance?

Scaling up without losing brand authenticity

Their objectives:

  • Align their brand across all pharmacy locations
  • Improve customer service and make it easier for visitors to engage with Apotheco Pharmacy
  • Boost visibility and increase traffic levels


After doing a deep dive into Apotheco’s digital landscape, as we do for all clients, we had a diagnosis: brand fragmentation.

Our first port of call was to create a unifying landing page, a sanctuary encapsulating the brand’s story and key values.

From there, we created a web ecosystem as unique as your skin type, all on a custom WordPress CMS platform. Each location now boasts its own microsite, complete with a HIPAA-compliant chat – a skincare consultant in your pocket, so to speak. This allows customers to better connect and engage with Apotheco Pharmacy itself, vastly improving the overall user experience of the website.

And as for keeping the brand glowing in the eyes of search engines, this is where our #HealthySEO™ program came into play. A well-crafted, ongoing SEO strategy now drives targeted traffic and keeps Apotheco’s dermatology expertise front and center.


We didn’t just fill a prescription; we formulated a remedy for growth. By streamlining Apotheco’s sprawling digital presence into one centralized ecosystem, we administered a high-potency dose of quality traffic to each of Apotheco’s 15 U.S. pharmacy locations.

In essence, we scaled back to scale up, focusing Apotheco’s digital energies to maximize impact across all of their pharmacies.

As for SEO and web traffic, we started with the basics, scrubbing away technical issues and implementing a content syndication strategy.

  • Organic traffic increased by almost 248%
  • Direct traffic jumped to almost 219%
  • Referral traffic astoundedly surged by 1183%
  • Domain Authority Score improved from 9 to 34
  • 1183%

    Surge in Referral Traffic
  • 248%

    Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 219%

    Jump in Direct Traffic

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