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Striking the Right Terms -
Meridian Leasing's Digital Overhaul

The Meridian

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    The Meridian

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    Brand Strategy, SEO/SEM, UX_UI Design & Web Development

The Ask

Situated at the crossroads of innovation and reliability, Meridian Leasing has been providing equipment leasing services since 1979. With solutions optimized for the unique challenges of their clients’ industries, it’s no surprise some of them have stayed on board from day one, over four decades ago!

Whether you’re looking for the latest medical equipment or need a machine for your next construction project, Meridian provides a full-service solution, helping you every step of the way.


  • Have access to a wide range of machines to suit your business needs
  • Help you unlock financial flexibility through customizable lease terms
  • Navigate you through the lease lifecycle, from onboarding to upgrade
  • Provide full-cycle support, ensuring a smooth lease experience from start to finish


Turning their traditional strengths into a dynamic online presence


Recognizing the need to keep pace with an ever-evolving digital landscape, Meridian sought a partner who could ensure their website reflected their position as an industry leader who specializes in technology. They wanted their website to be as up-to-date as the equipment in their repertoire.

Their objectives:

  • Re-engineer the Meridian website to embody the future of leasing
  • Amplify their digital footprint with SEO/SEM strategies
  • Distinguish their brand from the competition
  • Fine-tune their brand narrative to captivate a global audience


A simple website overhaul wouldn’t cut it; we needed to hit the gas on a full-scale digital transformation journey.

Our task involved everything from updating the website layout to creating new digital and print marketing materials. It was about architecting a brand strategy that resonated from the boardroom to the hospital room, from CFOs to medical directors.

We knew Meridian needed digital content to speak directly to their varied clientele. Rather than simply drafting content, we focused on crafting a story that guides each reader through Meridian’s leasing process, staying true to their unique brand voice throughout.

As a leader in digital marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, and content marketing, we helped Meridian accelerate from zero to a hundred, connecting them with their target audience in record time. By taking this full-circle approach, we ensured Meridian Leasing doesn’t just keep pace with industry trends – they set the terms.


The final product was more than just a website makeover; it was a full-throttle digital transformation.

We revamped Meridian’s online ecosystem, steering a 128.75% increase in site traffic and boosting qualified business inquiries, leaving all parties more than satisfied!

Just some of the website improvements we made:

  • Upgraded layout 
  • Brand new functionalities to make navigation a breeze
  • A complete product catalogue redesign
  • An expert content strategy to keep targeted visitors engaged
  • Improved CTAs, white papers, field and role guides, and case studies

We didn’t merely stay in the online world! We’ve fortified Meridian’s print arsenal with meticulously crafted brochures, leaflets, and booklets that have turned client meetings into deal-sealing conversations.

Ultimately, we created a fleet of content across online and offline mediums that’s as comprehensive as compelling, and we continue to do this for Meridian today.

And because details matter, we hand-selected and fine-tuned over 160 images to perfectly align with Meridian’s brand persona, complemented by animated videos and infographics that engage visitors in ways that words alone cannot.

A full-cycle partnership

Like many of Meridian’s clients who’ve been there from the start, we hope that our agreement with Meridian continues to flourish for years to come. Our ongoing SEO, SEM, and content marketing efforts are designed to keep them not just in the game but ahead of it. We’re locked in and committed to ensuring Meridian remains the industry’s go-to hub for all things leasing, from first contact to contract renewal.

  • 128.75%

    Increase in Site Traffic
  • $5+

    Million in Revenue Generated
We were incredibly happy with the outcome. Successfully launching a brand new product in a highly-competitive marketplace is no easy feat, Aumcore helped us achieve fantastic results, getting our brand to the eyes of our target customers.
Scott Schrader Head of Marketing / The Meridian
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