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Strategic Services

Creative Content Strategy and Planning

It is widely known that "Content is King" in this digital age. Content can no longer be ignored when forming a market strategy if you wish to grow your business. To ensure success, you need a content marketing agency for an effective content marketing plan that will help you meet your marketing and business goals.

Investing in the right content marketing services can bring many benefits to your business. A content plan requires in-depth research, creating a consistent means of communication with your audience, and a 360˚optimized approach to take your marketing & brand strategy to a higher level. Unfortunately, businesses often face many obstacles when attempting to scale their content marketing and achieve their desired outcomes.

Aumcore is a leading full-service content marketing agency based in New York with years of experience in providing creative content marketing services that yield long-term, sustainable, and ROI-driven results for your business.

We can help you to develop unique and informative content that stands apart from your competitors. We evaluate your consumer persona and engagement, and create a structured means by which creative content and storytelling can take place. Based on your customer needs, we are also able to set up the most efficient calendar for current and future content related to your business objectives.

Why Content Marketing?

  • According to CMI, B2C marketers reported that the top three goals content marketing helps them to achieve are: creating brand awareness, building trust, and educating their target audience.
  • As per CMI, Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less.
  • According to Hubspot blog research, 56% of marketers who leverage blogging say it’s an effective tactic, and 10% say it generates the greatest ROI.
  • As per Hubspot's State of Marketing Report, over 60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy through sales.

Why Choose Aumcore?

Aumcore is a leading content marketing agency in New York with more than 10+ years of experience in providing professional content marketing services. We create, optimize, and promote content your audience and search engines love. Our comprehensive services cover everything from content writing to content optimization, ensuring you get the best results for your marketing efforts. We believe content marketing is essential for any business. We have the experience and expertise to craft and implement content marketing strategies that drive results. Our team of experts can help you create engaging content that will attract more visitors to your website, generate leads, and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your business goals with content marketing.

Content Plan In Action

Case Study

A hot 300% increase of global organic traffic with SEO results as tasty as they sound

Case Study

A rollercoaster of a campaign making a splash that brought resort visitors to the forefront of summer fun and a memorable experience

Case Study

A Brand launch close to heart, creating a healthcare platform for the people, and realizing the vision of the founders.

GloveOn-Mobile App
Case Study

Hands-on safety with Brand development affording international awards, fostering consumer trust and an industry standard

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Content Marketing

How much do content marketing services cost?

The price of content marketing services varies depending on each project's particular requirements and goals. We must understand the precise project requirements and objectives to provide an exact cost estimate. Please share your project information and needs with us to receive an estimate for the cost of content marketing services.

What results can I expect from content marketing?

There are numerous potential results you can expect from content marketing. Some of them are increased brand awareness, high engagement, search visibility, authority, lead generation, lead nurturing, customer retention, and a great return on investment.

When Can I expect to see the results of your Content Marketing services?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy; it takes time to reflect in your results. You can see more content sharing and lead generation within a few months of your content marketing campaign implementation. Content is an asset for any business since it provides value to your company for many years, builds brand loyalty, drives quality traffic, and increases sales and conversion rates.

How can my business benefit from executing content marketing strategies?

Content marketing enables you to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. People who come across your content and consume it will start forming an impression of your brand. Therefore, as part of a great marketing strategy, publishing unique, well-researched, and engaging content will increase your brand's authority, trust, and engagement, growing your followers, traffic, sales, and conversion rate.