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Seasoning Knorr®'s Global Online Presence with SEO

Unilever Knorr

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    Unilever Knorr

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The Ask

Knorr® has been flavoring family dining experiences for over a century with a rich array of soups, seasonings, broths, and ready-to-serve delights. They believe that good food is more than sustenance; it’s a source of happiness, and we agree!

Yet, despite being a household name, Knorr® was simmering just below the surface of Google’s search results. Hungry for greater online discoverability, Knorr® sought to spice up their SEO and elevate their non-branded search presence.

They partnered with us to enhance their website, inviting digital diners around the world to savor their array of culinary creations.

Their objectives:

  • Amplify their organic footprint in the U.S. and worldwide
  • Elevate their Google presence for non-branded search terms
  • Create strategically crafted content that boosts SEO rankings and entices foodies


Armed with a pantry full of SEO tactics, we rolled up our sleeves to whip Knorr®’s digital strategy into shape. Our first course of action was to sift through the U.S. culinary search landscape, identifying key flavors and appetites of the consumer market. This prep work allowed us to tailor a strategy as customized and savory as Knorr®’s own recipes.

In collaboration with Unilever, Knorr®’s parent company, we stirred consistency and accuracy into every aspect of the search experience. By kneading SEO into every corner of their site, we ensured that Knorr®’s digital presence rose like well-proved dough.

Our link-building recipe included a generous helping of creatively crafted content, seasoned perfectly and served across various digital platforms. This not only spiced up their link popularity but directed a steady stream of traffic back to the Knorr® site.


Our efforts delivered a feast of results for Knorr®. We were able to secure organic rankings for five key terms that resonate with their audience’s cravings.

That’s not all. We reached the first page on Google for 25 additional consumer search terms.

This resulted in:

  • A 250% increase in organic U.S. traffic
  • A 300% rise in global organic reach
  • 30

    Keywords Ranked on Google’s Page 1
  • 300%

    Increase in Global Organic Traffic
  • 250%

    Growth in US Traffic

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