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Trekking to the Top: Helping OTBT Navigate SEO’s
Challenging Terrain

OTBT Shoes

  • client

    OTBT Shoes

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    SEO & SEM

The Ask

OTBT Shoes crafts durable, stylish footwear for women. They’re a consumer-centric brand that fuses beauty and resilience. From city streets to scenic trails, their shoes are a passport to comfort without sacrificing fashion.

However, when it comes to online search, even the path less trodden needs to be mapped, especially as “off the beaten track” is a challenging term in the eyes of Google.

Eager to guide the adventurous to their digital doorstep, OTBT sought an ally to position them at the forefront of the online footwear world. With a proven track record in SEO and paid media, we laced up our boots to elevate OTBT’s online presence.

Their objectives:

  • Boost online discovery to keep OTBT Shoes on the radar of global adventurers
  • Implement strategies to reduce cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition
  • Drive targeted traffic to convert online explorers into loyal customers


Our adventure with OTBT started with a thorough SEO audit to scout the competitive landscape and pinpoint where they stood. With a clear vision for success, we set out to conquer the peaks of search engine result pages and bolster conversions, leveraging a combined knowledge of SEO and SEM.

Our content marketing campaign was the compass that navigated OTBT to higher ground, ensuring every piece of content – from engaging articles and press releases to viral videos and social bookmarking descriptions – prominently featured targeted keywords.

For SEM, our team of strategists forged compelling ad copy, pinpointing ad placements that would capture the most attention. Using Google’s robust platforms, we refined OTBT’s online presence to attract and convert with precision.

Through Google Search and the Display Network, we aimed to transform OTBT’s brand visibility into tangible e-commerce success.


With a finely-tuned digital strategy, OTBT Shoes now tread new heights.

By providing content and technical recommendations, fully optimizing the OTBT website for search, improving their social presence, and continually monitoring everything for any unexpected issues, we propelled website traffic by 34%. But that’s only the beginning…

Conversion rates followed suit, soaring to a remarkable triple-digit return on investment (ROI).

More specifically, our SEM campaign achieved some outstanding results, improving on four key KPIs:

  • A 53.17% increase in conversion rates
  • The campaign’s ROI was 587.79%, signaling that we earned 5X times as much as we spent on ads
  • A cost-per-acquisition of $16.32 (177% lower than the eCommerce industry standard)
  • An average cost-per-click of $0.42 (176% lower than the eCommerce industry standard)

Today, anyone who lands on the OTBT website knows exactly who and what they are. They know they’re not just a brand; they’re a lifestyle.

  • 587.79%

    ROI on SEM Campaigns
  • 53.17%

    Increase in Conversions

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