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D+M’s Exclusive Web Shopping Platform: The Crescendo of Innovation

D+M Direct

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    D+M Direct

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    UX_UI Design, Web & Platform Development

The Ask

At the heart of audio excellence, D+M represents a collaborative venture uniting Denon and Marantz, with various divisions such as D+M Direct, D+M University, and D+M Media. The D+M Direct group provides internal solutions for both the Denon and Marantz teams, including exclusive employee access, training courses, and resources such as photos, videos, and various media.

Having previously orchestrated digital success stories for Denon and Marantz, the D+M team turned to Aumcore to compose a web platform to act as an internal employee catalog.

Their objectives: 

Amplify internal brand engagement with resonant promotions and communications

Engineer an e-commerce interface that sings to the rhythm of D+M’s brand ethos

Craft a multi-device platform that drives sales across all devices


Aumcore’s goal was to create an experience-centric shopping platform for D+M partners and employees, offering great prices on out-of-season and overstock models. We tuned into D+M’s wavelength to architect an online storefront that resonated with the brand’s signature acoustic excellence. Beyond building the platform, we ignited interest with tailored internal campaigns to draw in an elite audience.

Joining forces with Omnie Solutions’ development expertise, we crafted a portal where functionality met finesse. The visual composition featured immersive full-width imagery and a gallery of high-definition product close-ups. We also made the site fully responsive, guaranteeing it functions harmoniously across devices of all sizes.


Aumcore’s unique involvement with D+M’s internal platform has not only set the tone for B2B online marketing but also become the gold standard for in-house electronic sales promotions.

The strategic partnership between Aumcore and Omnie Solutions has resulted in 20 new partnerships via the exclusive platform. This alliance has amplified D+M’s sales figures (x2) and cemented the platform’s status as a maestro of partner engagement and sales performance.

  • 20

    New Partnerships from the Platform
  • 200%

    Increase in Sales

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