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Case Study

A campaign bringing the warmth of nostalgia and artisanal design to a digital world


Denon is an iconic provider of innovative engineering in excellence in the audio-video industry. Denon uses no buzzwords, and instead identifies with the phrase “the Denon difference”, standing out in the industry with beautifully crafted details created to enhance the entertainment experience, delivering quality sound packed with best quality reproduction in any format.

A signature element of Denon from 1910 on, the turntable exemplifies the brand’s visionary work and passion for innovation. The history of Denon turntables commenced with the production of Japan’s first gramophone and peaked in 1939 when Denon developed a disc recorder for NHK. Their history and experience early on gave Denon a solid position as the brand for players used at radio stations. When the turntable was adapted for consumer use, Denon, became an unforgettable brand of analog players among audio enthusiasts.

Throwing back to the classic tradition of turntable music playback, Denon tasked us to create a digital promotion campaign highlighting their artisanal collection of turntables, and allowing customers to receive a vinyl album of their choice with each purchase.


The challenge was to create an interest around an analog product in a digital world. We recognized that there exists a passionate group of people that vinyl really appeals to, and we wanted to convey that to a wider audience by recreating the sense of rich nostalgia surrounding the life of the era of vinyl music players. We began this project with passion – embodying the vitality of that era where music was more than a warm mixture of tones – it was the beat of life.

Through this thought process and the creative and development expertise of our Aumcore team, we were able to capture a voice and allow visitors to resonate with it. The key to this promotion was how we highlighted the selection of classic vinyl albums, which were thoughtfully and reminiscently selected to bring the listener back into that moment in time on a harmonious journey through the ages.

The success of the campaign was in creating a vintage visual appeal and connection with vinyl lovers throughout the ages. The tagline “You can’t frame MP3’s” was launched, taking music back to its roots as a piece of art in motion meant to be kept and cherished. This perspective rejuvenated the passion for music for it it’s most traditional form, resulting in opening the doors for Denon’s artisanal turntables to be sold with a fresh perspective on a timeless classic.

Denon Campaign | Campaign Strategy
Denon Campaign | Campaign Strategy
Denon Campaign | Campaign Strategy
Denon Campaign | Campaign Strategy