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Bringing QSpex into Focus:
Reframing Brand Perception

QSpex Technologies

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    QSpex Technologies

  • Project

    Go-To-Market Strategy, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Video

The Ask

Introducing QSpex: the game-changing prescription eyewear brand where cutting-edge technology meets expert craftsmanship.

With their products refined to perfection, QSpex aimed to shift focus from industry insiders to the end-users – the eyeglass wearers themselves.

They entrusted us with the challenge of designing a comprehensive visual language and crafting a marketing campaign that would spotlight their brand to consumers, particularly for their grand entrance in New York City.

Their objectives:

  • Cast QSpex’s state-of-the-art eyewear into the gaze of New Yorkers
  • Encourage customer interaction and awareness
  • Refocus their authoritative B2B lens to capture the B2C market


Rising to the occasion, Aumcore crafted a consumer-centric campaign for QSpex that hinged on high-return, targeted media. We knew that we needed to connect with the consumer on a non-evasive, familiar level, while also producing media optimized for the highest targeted impressions-per-dollar results.

After analyzing various channels, we zoomed in on New York’s bustling transit scene and rolled out a dedicated microsite, pinpointing the Big Apple’s heartbeat.

Our mission was to integrate QSpex into New Yorkers’ daily lives. To gauge resonance, we conducted A/B testing with localized photography against stock imagery. The verdict? Authenticity triumphed.

Our creative team spent three days capturing the city’s heart through 15 distinct, non-touristy locations. This wasn’t just a photoshoot; it was a campaign narrative showcasing that QSpex is as much a part of NYC as the people themselves.

The catchy campaign slogan “Glasses Same Day. Delivered Your Way.” became a centerpiece on QSpex’s homepage.

The innovative #purplechair campaign further personalized the experience, with a symbolic purple chair making its rounds across opticians’ offices for a social media frenzy. The campaign tied back to digital adverts, placing the emblematic purple chairs in familiar cityscapes, illustrating how QSpex is just around the corner – any corner – in NYC.


The outcome was spectacular. Our outdoor campaign dazzled with over 11.5 million impressions. Transit ads and a striking Penn Station wallscape resonated with New Yorkers, surpassing our boldest projections. Digital banners added nearly half a million impressions in just 48 hours, outperforming our expectations.

The custom-photographed NYC microsite captivated an impressive 796 visitors in its initial run, with almost two-thirds being brand new to the brand. Our efforts not only hit the mark; they set a new standard in consumer engagement.

For QSpex, success was about clear, meaningful connections. This campaign didn’t just meet expectations; it reenvisioned them, inspiring QSpex to broaden this vision beyond New York’s horizons, and they’ve enlisted us for the job.

  • 11.5+

    Million Impressions for NYC Launch
  • 796

    Visitors on Site on First Day of Launch
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