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Turning Up the Volume on HEOS's Search Presence

HEOS by Denon

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    HEOS by Denon

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The Ask

With the launch of Denon’s wireless speaker line, HEOS, the brand has set the stage for an immersive sound experience that fills every corner of the home.

So now they needed to fill every corner of the Internet with their new product!

This demanded a digital agency with a proven SEO rhythm, and so they partnered with us to elevate their wireless systems’ organic search rankings.

The goal was to compose a digital strategy that would harmonize with the search habits of their target audience. We needed to boost their organic search visibility for pivotal terms such as “wireless speakers,” “wifi speakers,” and “multi-room audio,” ensuring music lovers land on their suite of products with ease.

Their objectives:

  • Sharpen direct-to-consumer online visibility for the new HEOS line
  • Leverage Denon’s established brand authority
  • Enhance the HEOS website’s SEO elements for peak search engine performance
  • Secure competitive placement in a market dense with authoritative audio sites


Recognizing the HEOS line’s need for a more pronounced digital presence, we streamlined their URL from http://www.heosbydenon.com to the more succinct and strategic http://usa.denon.com/us/heos. This not only sharpened the brand’s search appeal but also capitalized on Denon’s established reputation to bolster social and PR efforts.

Our SEO ensemble performed a concerto of optimization on the HEOS website, carefully composing each detail from metadata and internal linking to site architecture and heading tags. Facing a chorus of high-ranking competitors, our global team of content creators and SEO strategists fine-tuned the website to ascend the search rankings.


In the dynamic arena of tech and audio, we orchestrated a breakthrough, securing page #1 spots on Google for four out of five vital HEOS keywords. Our strategy struck a chord for additional terms too, catapulting them from obscurity to first-page prominence and directly aligning consumer searches with HEOS by Denon’s wireless audio solutions – bringing the consumer directly to their solution!

Our SEO performance amplified organic traffic by 5.6x, electrifying HEOS by Denon’s presence in the wireless speaker realm. The surge has firmly positioned HEOS as a leading voice in the multi-room audio conversation, resonating directly with the consumers’ quest for superior sound.

  • 560%

    Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 80%

    Primary Keywords Ranking on Google’s Page 1

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