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Navigating Care Complexity: eviCore's Web Transformation for Tomorrow's Healthcare

eviCore Healthcare

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    eviCore Healthcare

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    SEO, UX_UI Design & Web Development

The Ask

eviCore, a national leader in integrated and intelligent care management solutions, is there in your time of need. At the heart of eviCore’s operation lies a steadfast dedication to improving healthcare through smart, patient-first strategies.

With a pulse on tomorrow’s healthcare landscape, eviCore wanted to expand the reach of their transformative care solutions, and they recognized the need to strengthen their digital footprint to do so.

They envisaged an SEO-powered online platform that would lead those in need directly to their services. They also wanted to foster a collaborative environment for staff and update their web interface to better serve providers and patients with accessible, evidence-based care information.

Their objectives:

  • Amplify eviCore’s website traffic significantly to reach a broader audience
  • Develop and implement a dynamic Intranet portal to foster seamless internal communication
  • Undertake a complete website redesign to enhance user experience and reflect a provider-centric approach
  • Transition the eviCore website platform to Sitecore 9.0 for improved content management and user personalization


Embarking on eviCore’s digital revitalization, we recognized that an SEO strategy capable of drawing high-caliber traffic must start with a comprehensive technical audit and strategic foundation.


We donned our data stethoscopes, penning a prescription for technical SEO health to iron out any digital wrinkles, and a content strategy designed to captivate both users and search engines. Our focus was to elevate eviCore as the authoritative voice in medical benefits management, leveraging content marketing and social media to amplify their message.


With the roadmap for increased web traffic and conversions laid out, our sights turned to the engine room; the website’s back-end. We set out to reconstruct their Intranet, transforming it into a digital hub for eviCore’s team, brimming with resources and collaborative tools.


Advancing to the patient-facing side, we performed a holistic website redesign, transplanting the user experience onto the robust framework of Sitecore 9.0. This delivered a user experience as advanced as eviCore’s solutions, ensuring content could be managed and delivered with ease.


With precision and creativity, we met eviCore’s aspirations head-on, driving their web presence to new heights and streamlining their internal communications to deliver a robust bill of health for their online presence. Our redevelopment of the Intranet transformed it into a thriving digital nexus, empowering eviCore’s team with sleek publishing capabilities and seamless mobile access. We empowered staff across the board to share and manage content without the need for IT hand-holding.

Our transformation of eviCore’s website onto the Sitecore 9.0 platform was like giving them the keys to a digital kingdom, rich with deep analytics and customized content experiences. This migration equipped them to house an extensive library of healthcare resources, accessible at a click.

The SEO and traffic results speak for themselves, with an overall infusion of 3,000% more site visits. Diving into the specifics:

  • Organic traffic soared by 1,600%
  • Direct traffic leapt by 2,400%
  • Referral traffic experienced an incredible 6,800% rise

Continuous monitoring ensured this wasn’t just a flash in the pan. We’ve seen a sustained 1,400% uptick in new users, solidifying eviCore’s position as a beacon of quality healthcare in the digital world.

  • 3000%

    Increase in Site Visits
  • 6800%

    Rise in Referral Traffic
  • 1600%

    Improvement in Organic Traffic
  • 2400%

    Leap in Direct Traffic
Aumcore was instrumental in bringing two fierce medical benefit competitors into a single successful brand brought to life via a robust and interactive website, supported by aggressive optimization, and offering engaging content.
Mark Ciamarra CMO at eviCore
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