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Dressing Up Digital: Dockers' E-Commerce and SEO Style Overhaul

Dockers Levis

  • client

    Dockers Levis

  • Project

    SEO, Email Campaign

The Ask

Dockers, the epitome of laid-back California style and eco-friendly craftsmanship, aimed to thread its distinguished quality and effortless style into a robust digital strategy.

The goal was to enhance their e-commerce conversion rates by enriching content, engaging users with compelling stories, and seamlessly integrating seasonal product launches into their campaigns.

They needed a strategy that would not only refine their online presence but also sharply increase their sales from search and boost overall web traffic.

Their objectives:

  • Increase website conversion rates by refining content and user engagement
  • Enhance email marketing effectiveness to improve customer reach and conversion
  • Amplify return on ad spend through strategic paid media channel management
  • Drive web traffic and sales from search with robust SEO strategies
  • Maintain sustainable growth in sales and digital presence post-pandemic


Aumcore’s strategy tailored a digital plan that fit Dockers perfectly. We stitched together SEO and SEM tactics that placed them at the forefront of the digital fashion marketplace.

By optimizing email marketing campaigns, we tailored messages that resonated with customers, driving a 200% increase in results.

Our management of paid media channels fine-tuned Dockers’ advertising for an impressive return on ad spend, while our content syndication ensured their brand was showcased across the web.

Affiliate marketing initiatives and creative branding wove Dockers’ narrative into the fabric of their customers’ lives, driving engagement and conversion.


Our approach dressed Dockers’ digital strategy for success. Our comprehensive SEO and SEM optimization threaded together a 38% growth in traffic across key European markets, with a corresponding 24% uplift in sales from search.

Even amid the pandemic and lockdowns, our strategic initiatives fashioned a surge in e-commerce activity, with Black Friday sales stitching together an impressive 500,000 EUR in revenue.

Post-pandemic, Dockers continued to style a 25% growth, proving that with the right digital outfit, they could stride confidently into any market condition.

  • 38%

    Growth in traffic from Search across UK, ES, FR
  • 24%

    Uplift in sales from Search
  • 500K

    In sales from Black Friday during the Pandemic & Lockdowns
  • 25%

    Growth from Pre-Pandemic Sales

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