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Tuning Into Success: Cleer
Audio's SEO and SEM Revolution


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    SEO,SEM, Paid Media

The Ask

Since hitting play in 2012, Cleer Audio has been orchestrating a revolution in performance audio. They engineer earbuds, headphones, and smart speakers that don’t just play sound, but perfect it.

With groundbreaking products tuned to perfection, the quest for a digital agency to echo their innovation across the web led them to Aumcore’s door!

Their objectives:

  • Engineer an SEO-optimized website that reflects the brand’s premium audio experience
  • Harmonize market insights with actionable SEO strategies to elevate the brand’s online presence
  • Deploy targeted digital campaigns that resonate with core audiences and drive engagement
  • Refine and adjust the strategy with real-time analytics for continuous improvement


From the outset, Aumcore was in sync with Cleer Audio’s aspirations for a crystal-clear digital presence. Addressing their website’s limitations, we crafted an SEO-friendly platform on WordPress, fine-tuned to hit every SEO note.

Our strategy, much like a well-composed symphony, was performed in four movements:

  • Research and analysis – A deep dive into the competitive soundscape, identifying keywords that echo Cleer Audio’s brand essence.
  • Strategy and planning – With insights in hand, we orchestrated a tailored digital strategy, lifting Cleer Audio’s keywords to higher octaves.
  • Implementation – Through a blend of social media, paid campaigns, and content development, we amplified their SEO impact.
  • Data collection and revision, adaptation, and refined implementation – Analyzing performance data, we continually refined our approach, keeping Cleer Audio’s online rhythm in perfect tempo.


The proof, as they say, is in the playback, and Cleer Audio’s stats are like a hit record. With our SEO expertise, Cleer has clinched top spots on the first pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines for high-profile audio keywords.

Our multifaceted traffic strategy has driven a surge of visitors, creating a rich tapestry of online interactions.

But the concert didn’t end there. Our ongoing optimization and innovative marketing strategies, like the PMAX campaign, have set the stage for record-breaking sales performances.

Briefly, during our three-year collaboration:

  • Traffic has gone up by 420% from all channels
  • Organic traffic has gone up by 196%
  • Website transactions have improved by 200%
  • Revenue from the website has gone up by 2,500%
  • Transactions from the Paid Media Campaigns have improved by 1,981%
  • Revenue from paid media campaigns has improved 5,142%
  • The conversion rate from paid campaigns has improved by 53.33%
  • The conversion rate from the website has improved by 332%
  • 5142%

    Improvement in Paid Media Campaign Revenue
  • 2500%

    Increase in Revenue from the Website
  • 420%

    Increase in Traffic Across All Channels
  • 196%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

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I've worked with the team at Aumcore for several years and have been thoroughly impressed by their strategic insight, data analytics, and diligence against tight deadlines, and transparent communication that made them a true partner that I continue to rely on year after year.
Aaron Levine Vice President of Marketing, Cleer Inc.
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