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Case Study

A Brand launch close to heart, creating a healthcare platform for the people, and realizing the vision of the founders.


MUN (formerly known as Pharmatex) is a traditional healthcare platform and product distributor with a high interest in bringing their own branded products to the healthcare market. With a passion for people, they provide expertise and experience, leading the way for premium healthcare brands created to enhance people’s lives.

But before MUN, there was a group of dedicated, passionate people searching for innovative ways to bring OEM business knowledge to the market in a way it could benefit many consumers. With origins as a holding company that wanted to offer healthcare services and products with a social objective, this group of inspired individuals came to us at Aumcore, asking if we could help them in a revolutionary brand launch, for what would later be known as MUN.


Inspired by their ambitions to be for the people, we wanted the name of this new organization to speak words of their purpose to offer healthcare services as a motion of good-will and heart. Derived from three levels of depth, MUN was born as a reference to the names of its founders, as well as for its root translation origins as “people” in Chinese and “heart” in Hindi. As a brand, MUN would speak for many, with the love and dedication to make a personal connection and positive influence in the healthcare community. Linking people together, the logo is also reminiscent of that bond.

From there the journey continued, as Aumcore built an expansive range of media for MUN’s brand launch, consistent with the founders inspiration for brand identity. The website was created in a break-files design concept with a fresh, interactive approach and cool colors reminiscent of the healthcare industry. From brand strategy, guidelines, icons, stationary, in and outdoor digital and print media, the corporate business presentation deck, and even delivery vehicles – Aumcore was able to generate a fully integrated branding solution for each and every one of MUN’s marketing and technology needs, setting them up on the path to be a successful platform to extend beliefs driven by excellence, invention, and free thinking in the healthcare industry.


The MUN brand launch was not only close to our hearts, it went forward to blossom into an iconic manufacture and source of inspiration and resources in the medical community.

Their brands now include recognized names in the industry including Gloveon and COATS. Both recognized by the U.S. as a standard for hand protection in clinics and food service locations around the world.

In India, they received a prestigious award when they were conferred as the Best Company in Hand Protection by CIMS on December 2015 not long after their global reach into the market.

Now available in 6 countries and countless retail locations around the world, MUN was successfully integrated into the waiting hands of consumers in need. They are recognized by their distinguished identity of caring for every individual, and providing highest quality healthcare products to many – the MUN vision realized.

MUN | Global Brand Launch
MUN | Global Brand Launch
MUN | Global Brand Launch
MUN | Global Brand Launch