Case Study

An innovative approach to leveraging foam technologies with web development offering a lot of cushion


Innocor Foam Technologies is a manufacturer of polyurethane foam, offering comfortā€focused solutions for their B2B partners around the world for major brands in the markets of bedding, acoustics, carpet cushion, automobile and transportation.

With innovation at the forefront of their business model, Innocor Foam Technologies starts in the lab and transforms ideas into tangible solutions, cultivating unbeatable quality, comfort and durability.

Innocor Foam Technologies wanted to create an interactive platform that their business clients could easily navigate and understand the products offered. Having worked with Aumcore for the site migration of their consumer site, the Innocor Foam Technology team joined hands with us once again for the design and web development of a new and more current site.


Imbedding ourselves into the realm of foam markets, the Aumcore team first evaluated the landscape and developed a strategy that could best leverage Innocor Foam Technologies’’ innovative approach to wholesale foam manufacturing.

The technology and science behind each product needed to be highlighted in such a way that business’ in search for foam solutions could easily recognize how Innocor Foam Technologies stood out from the competition with their advanced methods for foam production.

Leveraging some of the latest web trends including larger visuals and parallax, Innocor was now also able to showcase their variety of solutions throughout the website. Scrolling product description forms allowed for a detailed introduction to each product outlining the major advantages of each.

The biggest success was presenting Innocor Foam Technologies’ as the innovative organization that it is both through their products and a visual representation of their scientific solution approach to comfort. Business and potential clients were now able to easily navigate the site with a seamless user experience and understanding through the new fully responsive web development of The site was launched at International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo 2016.

Want to continue the journey? Check out the corporate site migration for Innocor Inc. and shift to the consumer perspective with the web development of Sleep Innovations.

Innocor | Web Development
Innocor | Web Development
Innocor | Web Development