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Hands-on safety with Brand development affording international awards, fostering consumer trust and an industry standard


Gloveon (owned by MUN) started off as a group of highly dedicated professionals with expertise in distributing the highest quality hand protection to individuals and organizations all over the world. The former branding (Pharmatex) had a strong reputation for medical gloves used in hospitals and clinics as a standard across the industry.

Looking to expand into all areas of the hand protection market, Aumcore was asked to rebrand Pharmatex as a fresh, innovative brand producing gloves for all varieties of markets from the food industry and labs, to maintaining their strong heritage and reputation in the medical community.


As leaders in brand development, we knew a lot of focus needed to be placed on the initial brand identity and strong logo design. During a moment of #AumThink on how we could capture the high quality and reputation for being the standard in the industry, first the tagline was created – “Protection always on”.

The three-word phrase was simple, but indicative of the brand identity, which then led to the birth of the brand name, Gloveon.

Both fun and motivational, logo design incorporated modern colors and lettering, (previously unseen in the industry) and a simple check mark signifying, yes – protection is indeed always on, and it meets the high standard of gloves you need.

From there, our Creative and Development team took off with a plethora of projects from website design, in and outdoor media, and delivery vehicles – to packaging of 15 subsidiary brands of gloves in the clinical, sanitary, food, and other industries. One of the biggest design challenges was to compress copious amounts of necessary informative content on all sides of the glove boxes themselves separating each category of glove, creating a consistent yet eye-catching design for each theme. As a solution, we used a fun, color coded scheme with a refreshing appeal, and simply notable distinction within each market, style, and size.


Today, Gloveon is now afforded as the best international manufacture of gloves, located in 6 different countries including the US and Australia, and found in over 500 stores in India alone.

Their presence in the glove industry is undeniable, and they are well seen in each of their wide ranges of supporting retail markets as the absolute standard for hand protection.

And the tagline that started it all as a big win for Brand Identity, “Protection always on” is now a phrase often used by their consumers, boasting that they feel confident in their working environments with Gloveon, always on.

Gloveon  | Brand Development
Gloveon  | Brand Development
Gloveon  | Brand Development
Gloveon  | Brand Development