With the launch of #HealthySEO and some extensive work in healthcare marketing, the Aumcore team has had their head and hearts in the wellness and medical industries for quite some time – and it had us thinking, “what is it that truly drives Aumcore for industry-specific marketing success?” Understanding that many of our readers are in the marketing department’s of their own industry, we decided to share some healthy practices for focusing efforts on your niche industry that can drive your results.

For these examples, we have focused on the healthcare marketing industry. However, the exercises transcribe for every market, and can be leveraged for honing in on your specific industry needs.

Importance of Understanding the Industry

One of the first steps to success is understanding the industry in all its complexities from both a corporate and consumer (target market) perspective.

And while this may seem unnecessary for some to point out – we understand that many successful professionals join a company with career experiencefrom a completely alternate industry background.

From the marketing department to finance and accounting, it’s important that the entire organization understands not only their role – but also the industry for which they’re performing those functions. Any trained customer service agent can answer calls and diffuse urgent situations, but learning the voice of the person on the other end of the line is where the connection is truly made.

What is often forgot in business is that every transaction, communication, and action starts with people. So no matter the role, understanding the people in that industry (their background, experience, goals, priorities, etc.) plays a crucial role in every department. And when it comes to industry-specific marketing, this becomes even more important when it becomes not only necessary to understand the person on the other end – it’s equally important to understand the product or service you’re offering them, why you’re offering it to them, how it can benefit their lifestyle, and how it can best be communicated to them.

Below are some healthcare marketing examples that show how Aumcore was able to connect with people through the industry and market needs.


Beginning from a group of dedicated, passionate individuals in search of bringing innovative OEM business knowledge to the market, MUN was born through that team’s vision, and Aumcore’s ability to transform that vision into a reality for a brand launch close to heart.

MUM Branding

When building a brand from the ground up, connecting with the industry is more vague as the market is only just now being defined. In these cases, the focus must first be on the people, their passion, and the mission of the founders. From there, the best way to enhance people’s lives through that mission becomes the crux of the marketing strategy.

In the case of MUN, this was took form through an inspired name birthed with meaning, linking people together, and extensive media created to fulfill passion into an iconic manufacture and source of inspiration and resources in the medical community.


Gloveon (owned by MUN) started off as a group of highly dedicated professionals with expertise in distributing the highest quality hand protection to individuals and organizations all over the world. From logo to packaging design, the consumer’s needs had to come first. Understanding the industry of healthcare helped generate the concepts for packaging design that was both unique and easy for the consumers to differentiate the various glove types available.

And the tagline that started it all as a big win for Brand Identity, “Protection always on” is now a phrase often used by their consumers, boasting that they feel confident in their working environments with Gloveon, always on.

Gloveon branding


When it comes to mobile app development, designing for an optimized UX and UI is all about understanding the industry and the individuals that will use the app.  Understanding the world is going mobile, ScriptSave WellRx needed an easy way for consumers to use their discount program.

Exploring ways the app could be even more useful to the consumer, the resulting mobile application was built to show generic vs. branded cost, list drug information, drug uses, side effects, and instructions for use.

ScriptSave WellRx Mobile App


eviCore (previously branded as CareCore National, LLC) is a B2B specialty benefit management company in the healthcare industry. Understanding the difference of B2C and B2B business models is important in developing an industry-specific marketing strategy.

Rebranding of a B2B complex website in healthcare marketing (due to the enormous amount of information that required special care in categorization and search) required complete re-branding in to create a simple way for providers, plans and people to access the site’s content. Micro-sites were created and certain information is password protected as well.
eviCore healthcare marketing

Sharing is Caring

In the above examples, you can see the importance of understanding the vision, the consumer, the industry uses, and the industry model.

So what’s the common factor? Each element starts with people. And when people are at the heart of every marketing success, having the heart to care for their needs is what transforms strategy into a passionate idea that will truly resonate with your target audience.

Sharing is caring, and if caring is the defining factor – then sharing is the channel of communication that industry marketing opens up between businesses and people.

Healthy Results

The results: Keep the needs of people at heart, and you’ve made the first right choice to marketing that not only accomplishes goals, but also solves problems and creates a solution that has a positive impact in people’s lives.

The repercussion to a healthy approach does more than just provide business success. It’s about the larger picture. People. And one that we at Aumcore invest in from the heart. So no matter your background be it fashion, technology, B2C, B2B, or healthcare marketing – putting the people first is the most important healthy practice of a meaningful, results-driven, industry-specific strategy that counts.