Case Study

A simple way for healthcare providers to access complex resources through a corporate Website design


eviCore (previously branded as CareCore National, LLC) is a B2B specialty benefit management company in the healthcare industry. It concentrates on the quality management and use of outpatient diagnostic and cardiac imaging, cardiac implantable devices, oncology drugs and therapeutic agents, radiation therapy, sleep, pain and lab services. Their primary objective is to make sure that every treatment and test is medically necessary and absolutely appropriate for the individual patient. CareCore National, LLC currently manages treatments affecting more than 30 million people.

Carecore requested a revitalization of its website to align with current services and offerings; as well as connect with its providers, members and investors. The objective of redesigning the CareCore National Website was to:

  • Align with CareCore’s new Brand Guidelines
  • Update the web experience to inform visitors of what differentiates CareCore from other providers
  • Establish a structure to manage current and future growth
  • Provide a good overview of the products and services provided
  • Provide easy access of information for prospects and current customers


Aumcore changed the overall user experience on the site, including a logo and name refresh in line with new brand guidelines to “eviCore”. Some of this guidance influenced the emphasis on the result of a happy patient in the majority of the photos (as opposed to showing procedure rooms or doctors), which follows the brand’s overall rebranding focus on the ‘care’ part of healthcare.

A large part of streamlining the user experience was taking the enormous amount of content (over 200 active pages on the site) and creating clear portals for providers, patients and plans – using vivid and original logos to separate out each diagnostic test area. Aumcore created the icons and the photo concept, imagery and brand video. The new website runs on a very flexible and user-friendly platform of Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 which allows eviCore to easily change content, upload word documents, videos, create micro-sites, and publish new content cross site. Aumcore performed the integration of all older website materials into the new platform, all new UX wireframes, and a complete re-coding. In addition, to keep eviCore relevant on the web, Aumcore optimized the current content on the website and created guidelines for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for future content.

Aumcore launched a rebranding of a B2B complex website (due to the enormous amount of information that required special care in categorization and search) and a complete re-branding in order to create a simple way for providers, plans and people to access the site’s content. Micro-sites were created and certain information is password protected as well. The overall site looks clean and simple and it easy to use, despite the amount of information and the plethora of separate groups accessing it.

eviCore healthcare | Web Development
eviCore healthcare | Web Development
eviCore healthcare | Web Development
eviCore healthcare | Web Development