Case Study

Development of a recognized Mobile app reinventing the way people pay for prescriptions


ScriptSave® WellRx has the solution no matter where your medical insurance coverage may stand, providing you with discounts at checkout on generic and name brand prescription medications. Their team cares about helping people stay healthy, and has been delivering meaningful savings on prescription medications at participating pharmacies nationwide for more than 20 years.

Understanding the world is going mobile, ScriptSave WellRx needed an agile way for consumers to use their discount program, without having to carry an actual card in their wallets. They came to us looking for a mobile application that could save their subscribers money with the convenience of a digital card that would not only provide the method of savings, but an easier way to do it.


We used ScriptSave’s existing network of more than 62,000 participating pharmacies in our development. The app would need to allow consumers to search by area and price, so once they made the trip to the pharmacy, they would know they got the best deal available in the area.

Exploring ways the app could be even more useful to the consumer, the resulting mobile application was built to show the discounted price for both generic and brand name drugs.

The platform’s dual purpose is to save consumers money while making their life easier as they do it.

Consumers could now easily look up all of their prescription medications, determine which pharmacy has the lowest price, and, after consulting with their doctor, decide if the generic would provide even greater savings.


Named as one of the top “10 Apps Increasing Healthcare Access For Low-Income Patients” by Mashable shortly after its release, ScriptSave WellRx has received glowing reviews for the new interface – which has now received more than 400K downloads. By using our mobile development platform, ScriptSave was able to expand the app’s features to include: drug information, push notifications, and multi-group invitations codes.

ScriptSave WellRx | Mobile App
ScriptSave WellRx | Mobile App
ScriptSave WellRx | Mobile App
ScriptSave WellRx | Mobile App