Posted: 30 Dec 2021 Contributor: Ghia Marnewick

Why Video Marketing is So Powerful in 2022

Why Video Marketing is So Powerful in 2022

In case you missed it, the age of video is upon us. Vlogging, Tik Tok Channels, Instagram Reels, and of course YouTube have all become increasingly popular as of late. We’re living in a visually-driven virtual world and video assists in shaping it all.

Of course, digital is another buzzword doing the rounds and it goes without saying that it’s the world that we’re currently living this. As a result, digital, virtual spaces such as social media platforms, have become a go-to for many. It’s a simple way of interacting with the rest of the world without physical interaction. It’s a way of reaching out like never before.

The Figures

To prove just how powerful video marketing is, let’s look at the trends of 2021. Let's start by looking at the number of businesses that use video marketing as part of their marketing arsenal - an impressive 86%! In addition to this, 93% of these markers have stated that video marketing is one of the most important aspects of their marketing strategy.

Further to this, additional research has found that it's not only marketers that believe in the power of video marketing, but consumers are looking out for it too. 84% of customers surveyed stated that marketing videos often convince them to invest in a product or service. They're also more likely to share videos when compared to other forms of content. Cisco has even reported that by 2022, online traffic will be mostly made up of video content - around 80% of it all.

Video Content That Works

When it comes to digital marketing, video marketing is key. But what works? Live videos have become an important way for brands to reach out and connect with potential customers. Additionally, videos should be considered as part of your SEO strategy.

If you are looking to show the more personal side of your brand, vlogs, and social media stories are a fantastic way to go about it. It is worth noting, however, that most consumers watch videos without sound. This means that video content needs to be visually appealing, and while sound matters, it doesn’t need to be the core focus.

Video content that works

5 Video Marketing Trends to add to your strategy in 2022

1. Keep it natural

Consumers respond best to user-generated content and content that doesn’t appear to be staged. Simply put, people respond to “real” content from real people. This is where live videos are effective, as they appear to be a real-time experience that’s unscripted.

Streaming is the way to go and finding ways to have users engage with you while filming is an important aspect worth considering. A shocking fact is that only 28% of content marketers plan on using Facebook Live in 2022 - as well as across other social media platforms.

2. Equipment is minimal

Gone are the days where production crews and expensive equipment are needed to create brand videos. Smartphones are the standard now. This is because the video and image quality has become impressive, and they’re also a lot easier and cheaper to use. As a result, video content is more easily accessible, bridging the gap and leveling the playing field. If you've taken a look on Tik Tok lately, you'll have noticed the impressive video quality that some influencers can produce - using their phones!

3. Get vlogging

Humans are visual creatures, so instead of writing essays on your blog, why not tell your story the way you imagined it? It’s a great way of sharing your message, your brand’s personality, and reaching out to a wider audience. This also helps people connect with the human side of things as they’re able to relate to the person on screen.

when it comes to vlog content, the majority of the content out there has been created by individuals and not brands, leaving a gap in the market and an opportunity for marketers to get ahead of the curve.

4. Block out the noise

Most users, around 85% of them, view video content without the sound, so instead of wasting time perfecting the sound, why not create videos that are silent? Instead of sound, rather focus on making your videos visually appealing. Everything the consumer needs to know should be onscreen and easy to understand. It’s important to remember that people are viewing your content on the go on their mobile devices, the last thing they want is to be in a public space and have their phone suddenly come to life with obnoxious sounds.

5. Real people, real stories

User-generated content is always a good way to go about sharing your message. of course, a brand would say positive things about themselves, but when normal people reaffirm this, it helps to build a sense of trust. And as we all know, consumers invest in brands that they trust.

It’s Time to tell your story, your way

Instead of putting pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard, why not use your words and emotions to express yourself? Video marketing can be a powerful tool when used correctly, and due to the ease of access, there's no reason not to give it a try.

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