The whole world is going mobile, everything is becoming compatible and easy to use. People are using things on the go and this trend is increasing day by day. Mobile devices are getting smaller yet smarter. Take a look around and see how many people have their face buried on the mobile screen right now.

Sales of smartphone is continuously on the rise. Market analysts have predicted that smart phones will take over the market of desktop and laptop’s. PayPal and eBay has seen a massive mobile payments per day. This amount was recorded at $10 million per day in 2011 on PayPal which was an eye opener for the mobile market analysts.

Mobile vs Desktop Users

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The reality is that people are visiting your website from their mobile devices. Every day more and more people are buying smartphone and they are opting for mobile internet surfing. Every day there are visitors who are interacting with your brand on their mobile devices. Now, it is your responsibility to reciprocate with them properly.

One must go for Mobile website in this era, some of the major benefits of mobile devices are:

1. Mobile will take over desktop in 5 years: As predicted, mobile phone will take over desktop by 2017. Already most of the people are using mobile for checking e-mails, scheduling appointments, using social media etc. Soon most of the browsing will be taken over by mobile as well. If you opt for mobile website right now, you will have a lead on the market.

2. It’s easy to optimize mobile websites: Google use different indexing for mobile websites hence it is easy to optimize mobile websites and take benefit from them because right now competition is not too dense. Once you have great traffic on your mobile website, you can gradually be a leader of the market.

3. Works wonderful with local audience: If you are serving local audience, it is vital for you to have a mobile websites. Most of the people are using mobile on the go and they are looking to get local information. As mobile devices are equipped with GPS system they will serve your location information to the search engine and they will provide results accordingly.

4. Instant decision: It has been observed that people who are using mobile websites and purchasing system are quick in their research. They do not spend too much time thinking as compare to desktop users who spend days before making a final purchase. 5% of top 500 retailers are using mobile websites to complete their purchase.

Shopping on Mobile Devices

5. Average time spend: Gone were the days when you sit at one place and then read newspaper or surf for information. Now people do everything on the run. Mobile user spend an enormous time of 6.7 hours online as compare to desktop users who only spend 2.3 hours a day. When your potential users/buyers are online, then it is essential for you to be online as well.

6. More and more companies going for mobile website: Everyday more and more companies are opting for mobile website to target their customers better. Mobile websites are successful for almost every vertical such as fashion, news, hospitality etc. in past one year, 15.3% of more business have opted for mobile website in comparison to 2011.

If we consider above said points, we can certainly say that mobile website is the way to go because without having an appropriate website, it will be difficult to cater to all these people who can be your prospective buyers online. This is the right time to mark your online presence if you don’t have one already. Desktop websites are not totally functional on mobile because they are heavy and have different dimensions as compare to mobile websites.

Create your mobile website today and see how it can improve your sales and brand awareness!