Mobile Search

If a company needs to survive, they need to have a very strong digital presence. Newspaper and traditional advertisement are becoming outdated. Digital presence now means-desktop website, mobile website, social media presence etc.


For every digital presence vertical you need to have different approach and strategy. It would be a mistake to use same content as well as promotional strategy which you are implemented for your corporate website on your mobile website. The user expectations are fundamentally different when they are searching on PC and Mobile.

In a common case scenario, PC users frequently transit from one website to another. Having said that, mobile surfers are more stable and tend to read the page before quitting the search. Mobile search is very hyper local, people are mostly searching for local information when they are using their mobile. Hence, the strategies as well as the keywords should be very different for mobile website optimization and desktop website optimization.

Some of the interesting mobile SEO supporting facts are:

• In 2012, 20% of the total searched began from handheld devices.
• 39% of the total mobile searches were converted into purchase which is way higher than 8.2% of completed desktop purchase.
• Mobile searches are growing by 130% annually.
• 74% of searched that have local intent originate on handheld devices.
• 23% of mobile phone users go online to do some research regularly.
• Over 500 billion mobile searches were originated in 2012.

Besides the above said facts, there are some great benefits attached to Mobile website SEO as well. They are:

1. Good results while doing minimum efforts.
2. Easy cauterization of local audience.
3. Small yet effective website
4. Easy to maintain ranking on mobile platform
5. Clickable number on mobile website will increase the number of qualified leads you receive

You can hire a creative digital agency who is well versed with all the techniques as well as protocols of Google to promote your website and they can bring following benefits to your brand:

1. Be a champion on mobile platform: A good mobile SEO agency will make sure that you be among the leaders on the mobile search in your vertical. They will promote your keywords after doing proper research in order to attain best possible brand value for your company.

2. Less efforts-maximum results: Most of the SEO professionals knows where to invest their efforts. They implement right strategy over your brand and gives you amazing results in very less time. They understand your value and attract right kind of people on your mobile website.

3. Get ahead of market: Even if you don’t have a mobile website, still people are searching for you online and they are visiting your desktop website. They are not able to find the solutions they are looking for on your corporate website because they are heavy and not meant for Mobile. A right Mobile SEO agency will help you to create an appropriate mobile website and position your brand accordingly on the internet.

Mobile SEO

4. Attract local visitors: Optimized mobile website helps you in attracting right kind of visitors on your website. You can start building your brand locally and slowly reach to the national audience. Local customers can also lead you to path of success.

5. Less investment: Making a mobile website is easier than making a desktop website. They require less investment yet they can give you same results, if you optimize them properly. A good mobile SEO agency can create a huge bounce in your sales within the span of few months.

While concluding, we can certainly say that creating a mobile website is a necessity of today’s time. Mobile website can only do miracles if you optimize them properly. A good agency can help you do the same. Opt for right Mobile SEO agency today for your brand before it’s too late.