Case Study

Transforming education through Web Development and a smart Mobile App innovating instant interactivity and learning on the go


D+M University is the educational program for internal learning of the Denon and Marantz joint industry teams. Denon and Marantz (united brands in the audio technology) center products around decades of innovation and engineering, driving excellence through passion in every entertainment device. Iconic leaders in the industry, D+M University is the segue of education transforming outstanding customer service and sales team individuals. Their belief lies strongly in practicing and implementing innovation in their outreach to the dealer community to enrich their team’s knowledge base which can be passed from the origin to the final consumers.

The D+M group (having worked with Aumcore on both public access brands Denon and Marantz with a huge success) to create a mobile app and web development that could support learning on the go to expand the dealer knowledge base in a convenient fashion.


For better training demonstration and convenience purposes, the Aumcore team moved forward on a website that was optimized for multi-device, as well as a mobile app for a streamlined user experience.

The challenge was to create a use experience that would drive engagement as D+M encouraged team members to take their learning seriously in a way that would foster use and recollection of the tools and knowledge gained. Tools including in the platform development enabled dealers to register, train, track, learn and take courses all from their smartphone or office desktop.

As mobile matured as the tool for instant interactivity and quick-reading, the mobile app was carefully designed for optimal UI and UX, considering content scale and features. The result was an original application, extended for learning on the go and creating an innovative, real-time on the floor experience.

The desktop platform was different than the mobile version, allowing for a wider-screen experience with custom animation that is only possible on desktop versions for a fully interactive design leveraging the latest technology in web development and design.


Transforming the method of internal education with an innovative approach to strategy, mobile app design and web development – this format became a uniform practice not only for the D+M group, but amongst all participating dealers for partnership, high-employee sites.

Tackling training and learning courses on a dynamic platform, this became one of the most-liked initiatives of the D+M group for learning product and facilitating a consumer conversion. Leading to an enriched dealer knowledge base, Aumcore’s initiatives successfully transformed the education experience for a well utilized dissemination of knowledge.

D+M University | Web Development and Mobile App
D+M University | Web Development and Mobile App
D+M University | Web Development and Mobile App
D+M University | Web Development and Mobile App
D+M University | Web Development and Mobile App