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Case Study

Website & brand development for a luxury yet affordable audio brand based in California


Cleer Audio is a luxury and affordable audio brand that does not compromise on quality. Cleer Audio is a US brand based in the glorious sunshine state of California who were looking to further branch out into foreign markets such as the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia.

Cleer Audio’s purpose is to elevate and transform every experience, inviting consumers to enhance their lifestyle through uncompromised audio that is designed with the consumer in mind.

With San Diego roots and decades of experience in the audio industry, Cleer Audio wanted to share their passion for the perfect listening experience. Cleer Audio champion the idea of functionality and minimalization throughout their product offering while aiming to exceed expectations through design and craftmanship that delivers uncompromising performance while inspiring joyful behaviour.

For this reason, Cleer Audio were looking for a digital partner who they could trust, to help build and assist with the growth of their brand from a digital marketing perspective while also developing new eCommerce sites to increase their level of coverage across the globe.

Cleer Audio were looking for a partner who could properly illustrate and share their passion for the ideal audio experience through beautiful imagery and meaningful content which allows users to fully understand what makes Cleer Audio unique.


Aumcore created a full digital package which consisted of introducing the latest marketing techniques and a full affiliate network strategy in order to assist Cleer Audio with growing their brand from a digital marketing perspective and developing new sites to increase their global coverage.

Once completed, we turned our attention to conducting Search Engine Optimization for the brand while supporting email campaigns, paid media campaigns and social media campaigns.

Email campaigns, paid media campaigns and social media campaigns were all identified as essential components of revenue growth and brand awareness for online businesses such as Cleer Audio while working hand in hand with the long-term approach of SEO.

To finish off the digital package we implemented the latest consumer retention techniques and developed their main sites for the US and built their UK and AU sites while performing intricate conversion rate optimization strategies on their sites incoherence with optimized pages for mobile first eccentric users.


Cleer Audios website and social media now encapsulate the brands core values through an exceptional user experience which has an easy to use navigation which can guide any visitor throughout the site, while learning more about the brand in the process.

Cleer Audio seen revenue increase by 98% and increasing average conversion rates by over 100%+, while maintaining the same level of spend.

Cleer Audio are still one of Aumcore clients to this date and we look forward to helping Cleer Audio achieve their goals and objectives year on year.

Cleer Audio | Website & Brand Development
Cleer Audio | Website & Brand Development
Cleer Audio | Website & Brand Development
Cleer Audio | Website & Brand Development
Cleer Audio | Website & Brand Development