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Sowing Seeds of Sustainability:
UN Global Compact’s Digital
Strategy for Global Agriculture

United Nations Global Compact

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    United Nations Global Compact

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    Strategy, UX_UI Design, Web & Platform Development

The Ask

The UN Global Compact stands as a beacon of corporate conscience, championing sustainability as the cornerstone of business ethics across human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

In collaboration with the Blue Number Foundation, their ambition is to nurture the fields of global agriculture with the seeds of sustainable knowledge.

To propagate this vision, Aumcore was brought on board to cultivate a social strategy and digital ecosystem that would empower farmers everywhere with the tools for greener, healthier food production.

Their objectives:

  • Forge a digital crossroads where farmers from diverse backgrounds can unite under the banner of sustainable agriculture
  • Cultivate a social platform that sprouts a wealth of resources, financial support, and growth tips for farmers
  • Promote the “Ten Principles” to become the compass guiding global farming practices


At the heart of our partnership with the UN Global Compact was #AumThink, our strategic brainstorming initiative focused on the germination of ideas. Our strategy sprouted from the goal of interlinking farmers worldwide under the green banner of the “Ten Principles.” We imagined a digital ecosystem where every farmer receives a “bluenumber,” a digital passport unlocking access to a world of shared wisdom, financial avenues, and communal identity.

This network blossomed into a multilingual platform, speaking directly to farmers in their mother tongues. With initial registration anchoring each farmer’s roots in this collective soil, we ensured that every member reaped the full harvest of knowledge, community, and growth opportunities set to launch in the coming seasons.


We delivered a clear-cut concept and outreach effort that the UN Global Compact and bluenumber.org have embraced for linking farmers worldwide. The strategy and platform we developed are making bluenumber.org the go-to for farmers looking to adopt sustainable practices.

So far, we’ve connected over 60,000 farmers with their unique blue numbers, and we’re on track to double that, aiding the mission to improve global food production and labor practices.

  • 60K+

    BlueNumbers Issue to Farmers Worldwide
  • 100K+

    Total BlueNumbers Issued Post Launch
  • 35%

    Increase in Registered Farmers Post Launch

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