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Hitting The High Notes -
Cleer Audio’s Digital

Cleer Audio

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    Cleer Audio

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    UX_UI Design, e-Commerce Development, WP+WooCommerce

The Ask

Hailing from the sunshine state of California, Cleer Audio is an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance electronics and headphones that has struck a chord in the audio industry since its launch in 2012.

After experiencing exponential growth in the United States, the brand wanted to branch out into foreign markets, such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Amplifying their message globally

Cleer Audio’s purpose is to elevate and transform every experience, inviting consumers to enhance their lifestyle through uncompromised audio that is designed with the consumer in mind.


  • Champion functionality and minimalization
  • Aim to exceed expectations through design and craftsmanship
  • Deliver uncompromising performance
  • Inspire joyful behaviour

Because of this, they needed a digital partner they could trust to elevate their brand presence worldwide. Cleer Audio were looking for a partner who could properly illustrate and share their passion for the ideal audio experience through beautiful imagery and meaningful content, which allows users to fully understand what makes Cleer Audio unique.

Their objectives: 

  • Increase coverage around the world
  • Develop new eCommerce sites
  • Boost digital marketing efforts
  • Effectively illustrate the Cleer Audio brand and what makes them different


Aumcore orchestrated a comprehensive digital package for Cleer Audio, harmonizing the latest marketing techniques with an expansive affiliate network strategy. Our aim? To strengthen Cleer Audio’s brand digitally and broaden their global coverage with new websites.

Once complete, we fine-tuned Cleer Audio’s online presence. Search Engine Optimization took center stage, with a supporting ensemble of email, paid media, and social media campaigns. Each campaign was meticulously crafted, recognizing their vital role in revenue growth and brand awareness while working hand in hand with the long-term approach of SEO.

Our digital symphony reached its crescendo as we infused cutting-edge consumer retention techniques, developed their main sites for the US, and built their UK and AU sites. But we didn’t stop there. Each site underwent rigorous conversion rate optimization, ensuring every page resonated with mobile-first users, delivering an encore-worthy user experience.


Cleer Audio’s revamped website and social media now sing to the brand’s tune. Visitors are treated to an incredible user experience, with intuitive navigation guiding them effortlessly. As they journey, they uncover the deep notes and melodies that make Cleer Audio unique.

The tune of success is unmistakable – Cleer Audio has witnessed a staggering 98% surge in revenue. And, if that wasn’t enough, average conversion rates have increased by over 100%, all while maintaining the same level of spend.

Cleer Audio remains one of Aumcore’s clients to this date. We look forward to helping Cleer Audio achieve their goals and objectives year after year.

  • 100%+

    Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 98%

    Surge in Revenue

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I've worked with the team at Aumcore for several years and have been thoroughly impressed by their strategic insight, data analytics, and diligence against tight deadlines, and transparent communication that made them a true partner that I continue to rely on year after year.
Aaron Levine Vice President of Marketing, Cleer Inc.
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