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Teeing Off into Tech:
GOGI's Social Platform
Redefines Golf's Game Plan


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    UX_UI Design, Mobile App Development & Social Platform Development

The Ask

GOGI, short for the Game of Golf Institute, is on a mission to refresh the timeless tradition of golf. They’re putting a tech-savvy spin on the sport to attract and engage the Snapchat generation.

Faced with the trend of young enthusiasts veering away from the greens, GOGI envisioned a social platform that would resonate with the digital native—making golf not just a game, but a shared online adventure.

They teed up the challenge to us: build a digital clubhouse where golfers of all levels could connect, compete, and elevate their game globally.

Their objectives:

  • Drive a new generation of players towards the game of golf with a dedicated social platform
  • Craft an online experience that goes beyond par, offering tools for tracking, analysis, and sharing
  • Engage golfers with a social network designed specifically for their sport
  • Create a space where golfers, both seasoned and new, can share experiences and improve their game


Aiming for a masterstroke, we stepped onto the green, ready to innovate beyond the capabilities of any existing social network. We engaged in deep #AumThink, putting ourselves in the golfers’ shoes—envisioning a platform tailored to their unique needs.

Our fieldwork with real golfers was key, observing each swing and putt to unravel the essence of the game. We equally focused on budding enthusiasts, pinpointing what draws them to the fairways. Our goal was to cut through the clutter and enhance the connections that matter.

Charting a course through uncharted territory, we crafted a user experience like no other, steering clear of the proverbial bunkers. This groundbreaking venture allowed us to paint on a broad canvas, creating a social platform from the ground up, exclusively for the world of golf.


We went beyond just teeing up a standard social platform for GOGI; we reinvented their brand to captivate golfers of all ages and skill levels. The platform quickly found its sweet spot among users, with our first-year user engagement targets reached three months early, drawing in over 32,000 golf enthusiasts in under nine months.

The new GOGI platform now serves as a virtual caddie, offering insights on swing techniques, golf fitness, and community camaraderie, all through a mobile app that’s as intuitive as it is engaging. With its vibrant green interface and smooth performance on smartphones, GOGI speaks directly to the hearts of golfers across the board, from seasoned pros to youngsters taking their first swing. This fresh face of GOGI is turning heads and giving the age-old game an invigorating new vibe.

  • 32K

    New Golfers Within 9 Months of Launch

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