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Spreading the Facts:
Unilever Whips Up Organic
Growth with a Margarine
Myth-Busting SEO Campaign

Unilever Margarine

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    Unilever Margarine

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The Ask

In recent years, margarine has been spread thin under a layer of misconceptions. Unilever, the brand behind many household staples, decided to clear the table and set it right. Their plan: a comprehensive website dedicated to the truth about margarine, spooning through myths and serving up facts.

Their goal was simple yet ambitious; to realign the conversation with well-researched content that counters the swirl of myths, providing consumers with the wholesome truth about margarine’s place in their diets.

Their objectives:

  • Optimize web content to counteract prevalent misunderstandings with truth
  • Achieve high search engine visibility against established nutritional authorities
  • Create a resonant message that reassures consumers about incorporating margarine into their diet
  • Provide a one-stop repository of knowledge for all margarine-related queries


To spread the good news about margarine far and wide, we rolled out with a fresh domain and a buffet of SEO-enriched content. Given the competitive landscape with authoritative sites already perched on Google’s first page, we kneaded through margarine-related searches and the stickiest misconceptions.

Our campaign slogan, “Enjoy Margarine Everyday!” encapsulated the core message in a smooth, digestible bite. With our well-buttered keywords in hand, we whipped up Unilever’s content to satisfy consumer curiosity with rich, creamy truths. Our SEO recipe ensured that margarine facts were now on the menu across various digital platforms, establishing a go-to source of credible information in the consumer community.

We did not focus on any specific product or service, rather – we created a tool and hub spot of information for all things margarine.


The launch of enjoymargarineeveryday.com delivered a fresh perspective on margarine, propelling the site into Google’s top 10 search results. This success laid out the facts about margarine clearly for everyone to see, debunking myths and dishing out truths with ease. The proof was in the pudding – or rather, in the spread – with a 5-fold increase in organic traffic to the homepage in just the first eight months.

Our SEO efforts spread the word far and wide, allowing consumers to dip into a digital trove of margarine knowledge. With this reliable source at their fingertips, margarine lovers could now spread their toast without spreading the rumors, enjoying their beloved spread without a dollop of doubt.

  • 500%

    Growth in Organic Traffic
  • 60%

    Primary Keywords Ranking on Google Page 1

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