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McIntosh's Sound of Success:
Boosting SEO Signals for
a Luxury Audience

McIntosh Labs

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The Ask

For over six decades, McIntosh Laboratory has been the powerhouse behind pristine soundscapes, from legendary performances to the most discerning audiophiles’ living rooms.

The story goes that the Grateful Dead used 48 units of 300-watt amplifiers in their infamous “Wall of Sound” at Woodstock in 1969. Power in audio has since become synonymous with the name McIntosh.

With the name McIntosh echoing the essence of audio power, there’s no denying that the brand has become a byword for unrivaled sound quality among music greats. Famous Mc fans include Les Paul, LA Reid, Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Weir, Beach Boys, Rob Thomas and many more.

Yet, in the digital realm, McIntosh faced a silence that needed breaking. Their challenge was how to bring this beloved brand from its niche position in the market to a wider audience of high-net-worth consumers who own luxury homes and adore music.

When it came to online search footprints, they weren’t being heard at all, and that’s a problem.

With a nearly non-existent Google rating, they needed SEO solutions to bring them to the forefront of music lovers waiting to discover their brand.

Their objectives:

  • Resonate across the web, not only for branded searches but also for competitive industry keywords
  • Craft an SEO strategy that performs well in searches for general audio equipment terms
  • Attract a discerning audience looking for the highest caliber of home audio technology


SEO isn’t just about getting found – it’s about making a sound that carries. For McIntosh Laboratory, searches with their name rang out clear, but for the broader terms like “speaker” or “amplifier,” they were muted in the vast digital space. To change this, we tuned into the competitive frequencies of the US audio market, analyzing rivals to set the stage for McIntosh’s SEO symphony.

Zeroing in on the heart of McIntosh’s repertoire – its primary products – we turned up the volume on those crucial keywords. This strategic spotlight ushered in a wave of visibility among new and potential customers, all in search of the ultimate audio experience for their luxury spaces.


Our SEO strategy for McIntosh hit all the high notes, harmonizing their site with high-traffic keywords that struck a chord with Google’s algorithms. The result? A boom in site visits with a 52.3% rise overall and a notable 41.3% uptick in U.S. search engine traffic over our two-year engagement.

The crescendo of our campaign was McIntosh claiming the spotlight on Google’s first page for keywords like “amplifiers,” “loudspeakers,” and “preamplifiers,” alongside 20 other competitive terms – many of which had been lost in the static beyond page 10.

This surge in digital prominence brought McIntosh’s timeless quality into view for a wider audience, perfectly in tune with our goal of expanding their presence from the echelons of audiophiles to a broader market of luxury lifestyle connoisseurs. McIntosh isn’t just an icon of unparalleled sound anymore; they are now a leading name on the digital stage.

  • 52.3%

    Increase in Overall Traffic
  • 41.3%

    Uptick in US Traffic
  • 20+

    Keywords Ranking on Google’s Page 1

Services Supplied

Aumcore has been a vital web partner for McIntosh for many years. They delivered a transformative website redesign that exceeded our expectations. Their expertise with Sitecore and upgrading the backend made for a seamless transition and smooth launch. And they have always been very responsive to our requests whenever changes to our site are needed.
Mark Christensen Marketing Director, McIntosh Labs
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