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Joint Effort: Aumcore's
Sitecore Solution Elevates
Arthritis Self-Care


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The Ask

MyArthritisRx is an innovative online platform that provides arthritis patients with tailored programs to manage their arthritis. It stands at the forefront of a healthcare revolution, blending clinical expertise with digital innovation to offer arthritis patients a personalized management program.

The platform is a carefully constructed suite of disease education, exercise regimens, and community support.

However, the MyArthritisRx team realized they needed a comprehensive digital strategy to extend their reach, considering the shift towards home-based, digital health tools today.

So, they partnered with Aumcore for a surgical precision upgrade to their digital strategy that would be as sophisticated and effective as their arthritis care programs.

Their objectives:

  • Launch an interactive web tool that adapts to individual patient needs for arthritis management
  • Utilize smart software to dynamically sort patients into effective treatment groupings
  • Provide a platform for medical professionals to oversee and guide patient recovery journeys
  • Create a community within the platform to offer social support, increasing program adherence
  • Develop personal progress dashboards with key health indicators for patient motivation


Crafting a personalized journey for each user, Aumcore developed a sophisticated Sitecore web application for MyArthritisRx that’s not just a website but a dynamic tool equipped with smart algorithms. It meticulously analyzes user inputs to group patients into specialized groups based on their unique health profiles, ensuring they receive the most relevant and personalized arthritis management program.

A collaboration between MyArthritisRx and Aumcore gave rise to a platform that’s much more than a repository of information; it’s a companion through the trials of arthritis. This digital ally assists users as they navigate the hurdles of knee recovery and beyond.

Physicians review each patient’s information, fine-tuning the classification into tailored 6-week programs that blend physical exercises with other therapeutic interventions. This bespoke approach isn’t just about physical wellness; it fosters a sense of community. The platform’s social dimension encourages users to engage, share, and find comfort in shared experiences, driving motivation and enhancing the healing process.

Moreover, the platform provides a virtual progress dashboard, illuminating the journey of rehabilitation with real-time stats like pain scores and daily steps. This transparent tracking galvanizes users by visibly charting their progress, turning every small step into a leap towards recovery.


The MyArthritisRx web application has seen a surge in its user-patient base, blossoming from an initial group of 10 to a thriving community of 432. Like the synovial fluid that brings life to joints, our platform has lubricated the patient onboarding process, making it smooth and effortless.

Our continual enhancements have given life to six distinct severity groupings, and the glowing testimonials from users speak volumes. With each step forward, MyArthritisRx is carving out its place as the go-to online resource for arthritis management.

In our 2.7 years of seamless partnership, we’ve seen remarkable growth in traffic and user conversions—a testament to our close collaboration. Here’s a snapshot of the measurable impact we’ve achieved together:

  • A 214% boost in traffic across all channels, including Social, Direct, Organic, Referral, and Display, since June 1st, 2020
  • An 85.12% increase in organic traffic
  • Doubled conversions on enrollment registrations directly from the website
  • A 100% rise in conversions from social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, boasting a healthy conversion rate of 1.42%
  • Social media campaign costs per conversion were cut threefold
  • 214%

    Boost in Traffic Across all Channels
  • 85.12%

    Increase In Organic Traffic
  • 200%

    Improvement of Enrollments on Site

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The team at Aumcore were extremely helpful with very fast response rates. Their experience developing technology platforms across many different sectors was very helpful to bring new strategies and thinking to the healthcare sector.
Raj Karia CEO at MyArthritisRx
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