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Aumcore's Remedy for UpScript:
A User Experience
That Cares


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    UX_UI Design, Web Development

The Ask

UpScript is your online medicine cabinet, ensuring swift and simple access to prescriptions for all customers.  Partnering with enterprises in the pharmaceutical space, UpScript caters to diverse healthcare needs, from sleep support and weight loss to specialty medications. They collaborate with companies that are unable to sell directly.

With their online presence having such a significant influence on their ability to provide prescriptions to customers, Upscript sought out a partnership with us for a digital transformation focused on user experience — making the path from prescription to doorstep intuitive and stress-free.

Their objectives:

  • Create an intuitive and efficient user experience for online visitors seeking medical consultations and prescriptions
  • Integrate a pre-consultation screening tool to ensure users meet medical criteria before accessing prescription services
  • Implement teleconference capabilities for live virtual consultations, enhancing the quality of online healthcare
  • Streamline the medication approval process to facilitate same-day shipping, optimizing the delivery system
  • Design the website with a focus on simplicity, incorporating clear navigation and prominent calls-to-action that guide users effortlessly to their desired outcomes

Our Solution

In UpScript’s digital reinvention, user experience wasn’t just a detail, it was the blueprint. We constructed their Digital Medicine Cabinet, starting with an initial questionnaire to confirm users’ medical eligibility – a vital first step in the prescription journey.

To refine the UX, we integrated telehealth features, offering live video consultations as a standard, which brought physician interactions into the digital age.

Post-consultation, qualified users could expect swift medication approval and expedited delivery, sometimes landing on doorsteps the very same day.

Our design philosophy for UpScript’s website was clarity and convenience: streamlined paths, crisp visuals, and unmissable calls-to-action, ensuring users could swiftly navigate to the health solutions they sought.

The Result

We’ve redefined the healthcare delivery process with UpScript, crafting an online experience that’s as straightforward as it is compassionate. The overhaul of UpScript’s web design, aimed at ease and understanding, now stands as a beacon of user-friendliness in the healthcare sector.

  • The new IX/UI received over 1 million views from patients and visitors.
  • Our design allowed UpScript to surpass the 10% average national telehealth adoption rate with a 15% adoption rate.

This successful strategy has allowed UpScript to serve their clients more efficiently, ensuring that getting prescriptions online is now a seamless experience.

  • 1

    Million Views From Patients & Visitors
  • 15%

    Adoption Rate for the Telehealth App
  • 5%

    Higher Adoption Rate from National Average of 10%

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