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Scooping Success: Nature's
Organic Ice Cream's
Sweet Digital Revolution
with Aumcore

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream

  • client

    Nature’s Organic Ice Cream

  • Project

    Full Digital Transformation

The Ask

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream, a California delight renowned for its scrumptious flavors, stands on the principle of sustainability in every scoop. Their commitment to natural, organic ingredients translates to ice cream that not only tastes better but feels better too.

Better Ingredients, Better Flavor, Better Taste.

Nature’s Organic was in search of a partner who could create an eCommerce website that would showcase their mouth-watering ice cream via beautiful imagery and their brand’s unique story through delectable words. To achieve this, they needed a partner with the finesse to build a platform that spotlights their delicious difference.

They chose Aumcore to serve up a web experience that invites visitors to not only see but savor what sets Nature’s Organic Ice Cream apart.

Their objectives:

  • Enhance Nature’s Organic Ice Cream’s online visibility
  • Develop a user-friendly eCommerce platform that reflects the brand’s narrative and ethical practices
  • Redesign the brand logo to encapsulate the essence of Nature’s Organic Ice Cream’s values of nature and sustainability
  • Create comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all digital and physical brand representations
  • Implement an effective combination of SEO and paid media strategies to increase brand awareness and digital growth


At Aumcore, we treated Nature’s Organic’s full digital transformation like crafting a new, irresistible ice cream flavor. It all began with a blend of in-depth brand discovery and strategy, ensuring the digital narrative we were to create would be as authentic as their sustainable practices.

The reimagining of the logo served as the cherry on top, expressing the essence of natural indulgence and eco-friendly values. Crafting the brand guidelines was akin to perfecting the recipe for consistent quality, setting the standard for Nature’s Organic’s digital flavor profile.

With the branding elements in place, we scooped out a digital marketing plan, mixing SEO and paid media to spread the word as efficiently as Nature’s Organic spreads joy.

The website’s redesign ensured a user experience as smooth as their creamy offerings, and a mobile responsiveness that allowed consumers to order their favorite flavors on the go.

Finally, our custom social media calendar means sweet sprinkles are added on their socials throughout the year to ensure Nature’s Organic’s presence remains fresh and draws in customers to their digital storefront.


Post-transformation, Nature’s Organic Ice Cream’s digital footprint has expanded massively. The brand has seen a twofold increase in its online community, echoing the same growth in their customers’ appetite for sustainable, mouth-watering treats.

  • We achieved a 227.95% growth in overall traffic in less than 2 years from launching
  • A 248.50% growth in organic traffic was accomplished within the first 2 years
  • 60% of the keywords ranked on Google first page for Nature’s Organic
  • Grew the company’s revenue by more than 20% with Digital marketing efforts and rebranding

This upsurge in digital traffic is as satisfying as the first lick of a double-scoop cone, confirming that the digital world has a sweet tooth for Nature’s Organic’s sumptuous offerings.

  • 248.50%

    Growth in Organic Traffic
  • 227.95%

    Increase in Overall Traffic
  • 60%

    Of Keywords Ranked on Googles Page 1
  • 20%+

    Boost in Revenue
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