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Comodo Cybersecurity & Aumcore: Recoding the Brand DNA for Maximum Security Impact

Comodo Cybersecurity

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    Comodo Cybersecurity

  • Project

    Brand Strategy, UX_UI Design

The Ask

Comodo Cybersecurity, a trailblazer in pre-emptive digital threat management, has secured its reputation across 193 countries by neutralizing everything from common cyber nuisances to the most advanced online threats.

Embracing the belief that security must be both proactive and accessible, they have revolutionized cybersecurity solutions.

To further distinguish their unique approach in a crowded arena, Comodo wanted a brand strategy that would enhance their standing among the elite, magnifying their uniqueness, and further repositioning themselves to compete with the industry’s top players.

Aiming to bolster their brand presence and captivate new markets, they partnered with Aumcore for a brand overhaul that would embody their vision and fortify their market position.

Their objectives:

  • Elevate Comodo’s online presence to reflect their cybersecurity expertise
  • Revamp the website for a clearer, more impactful user journey
  • Craft a unified brand voice that resonates with customers’ needs
  • Differentiate Comodo from competitors with a unique brand language
  • Communicate Comodo’s mission and vision through a compelling brand manifesto


We approached Comodo’s rebranding with the precision of a cybersecurity expert. Our initial step involved an industry audit, analyzing Comodo’s place in the cybersecurity sphere; a task as intricate as the security networks they build.

The resulting benchmark report laid the groundwork for a brand strategy that would resonate with clarity and conviction.

Next, we tackled the website, aligning Comodo’s digital presence with their cybersecurity prowess. We realized that their story needed to be told with more vigor and vision. Even though they had vast knowledge and expertise to share, it just wasn’t shining through in their communication.

We streamlined the branding, refined the UX, and curated a design that conveyed their message with the same confidence and assurance that defines their industry-leading security services.


At the heart of Comodo’s website overhaul was the power of story; every product now narrates its own epic of security and strength. The entire platform boasts a fresh identity, with intuitive layouts and a visual hierarchy tailored for Comodo’s diverse users.

We distilled their brand into a singular voice that speaks directly to the fears and needs of potential clients, providing actionable defenses against digital threats.

Our dedication to showcasing Comodo’s distinctiveness led us to create a unique cyber language, an alphabet of innovation drawn from its iconic logo.

This, alongside a compelling brand manifesto, articulates Comodo’s story in the cybersecurity arena.

Visitors to Comodo’s revamped site are met with a fortress of solutions, embodying their pledge to neutralize threats with unwavering conviction.

  • Comodo’s market share increased from 34.0% to 40.8% of the SSL certificate authority market
  • They delivered reliable, centralized, and fully scalable security solutions to over 200K customers
  • Over 850 cybersecurity scientists and engineers depend on Comodo’s Cybersecurity solutions today.
  • 200K

    Customers Reached with New Branding
  • 6%

    Market Share Increase Captured by Comodo

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