What is #HealthySEO

At Aumcore, we believe in more than a one-and-done approach for SEO. For truly sustainable results, SEO requires a complex infrastructure for lasting, 1st page Google search results.

#HealthySEO™ is Aumcore’s unique, innovative approach to a full-spectrum lifestyle of SEO – one which has the power to achieve 1st place Google search results and sustain that presence placing you directly in front of your target audience.

Much like lifestyle changes including fitness and proper nutrition are required to keep a body healthy and fit, Healthy SEO is the process of maintaining your website search placement. Through a routine of healthy website maintenance including regular content creation, optimization, evolution with Google’s every-changing algorithms, and analysis to ensure that the website is always fit for action. As a leading NYC SEO Agency, Aumcore can help you receive that highest search result placement – even for highly competitive keywords.

Aumcore researches the targeted landscape and optimizes your website for #HealthySEO, providing an ongoing fitness plan that delivers results. Backed with a team of Technology Experts and Creative Content Writers, we have a history of delivering results on page #1 of Google Search and increasing web traffic up to 5X.

Our #HealthySEO Process

The process of Healthy SEO starts with a complete 360 Audit i.e. your technical, social, mobile, content and current linking  are evaluated with a fitness test for competitive and consumer benchmarking.

From there, our team develops a Search Acquisition Strategy to help you determine the best Keywords to reach your target audience. We dive deep into the Search Landscape, Target and Competitor Analysis, and review SEM that is best for your business. As a part of our ongoing #HealthySEO process, we monitor these results, and adapt according with your site analytics to get you the most powerful Google ranking results.

Our team of SEO Experts monitor these contributing factors around the clock, staying up to date with the most recent technology updates and search landscape evolution. With this core knowledge, they are able to build results a from a healthy lifestyle of Internal Content, External Content, Backlinking, Social Media, and constant evolution as we adapt with you to navigate the evolution of Google’s algorithms.

Let us help you get your website in shape with a #HealthySEO plan built for sustained Google search results.

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