Atlanta, GA March 27, 2012 – Aumcore has officially released our development of new sophisticated calculators for mobile applications created to analyze and configure Southwire’s various cable installations.

We have successfully designed and developed a series of calculators to simplify a complex process replacing the previous method of using large complicated excel sheets.  We have released 5 well received mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad, with a total of 8 apps across 4 platforms.

As a result, Aumcore has enhanced Southwire’s company value and reputation with their building contractors and engineers.  In collaboration with Southwire’s marketing strategy, we’ve also accomplished a creative approach to demonstrate their innovative thinking and be perceived in a positive way.

Southwire, founded in 1950, is North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution transmission of electricity.  They produce building wire and cable, utility and industrial power cable, cord products, telecommunications cable, and copper and aluminum rods.

Their customers include building contractors, utility companies, and OEMs in the areas of automotive, electrical, appliances and industrial equipment.

Additional information on Southwire and their products can be found at

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