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Posted: 05 Apr 2012 Contributor: Aumcore

Press Release Blackmores Malaysia

Atlanta, GA April 3, 2012 – Aumcore Malaysia, in partnership with Mindshare Malaysia, has officially released our Facebook campaign promoting Blackmores Malaysia’s new line of vitamins and supplements.

Blackmores Malaysia offers natural health solutions by translating their knowledge and experience to create an advanced line of vitamins/supplements.  They were founded in Queensland, Australia during the 1930s by Maurice Blackmore to provide reliable health solutions for the general public.

Mindshare, as part of a global media network, focuses to make their clients’ brand more famous and more profitable.  They offer their clients an integrated solution for their needs across a variety of core services through their expert team of specialists.

The Facebook campaign was created in conjunction with Mindshare Malaysia in order to promote Blackmores Malaysia’s new product line.

By partnering 988 Radio with Blackmores Malaysia, we’ve developed a Facebook application that engaged the audience in a mixed media experience by forming a trivial contest for their customers.  The contest generated a positive interactive experience by allowing the audience to directly connect with 988 Radio.

The Facebook campaign consisted of a daily question announced by the radio station during a specific time. Listeners were then encouraged to post their response to Blackmores Malaysia’s page, bringing an extensive amount of traffic to their website.

Blackmores Malaysia’s page has been well received, and continues to maintain a substantial amount of participation with over 26,000 members who have “Liked” their page.

The campaign for Blackmores Malaysia’s page can be found at www.facebook.com/BlackmoresMalaysia.

Additional information about Blackmores Malaysia can be found at www.blackmores.com.

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