Launching BCSRM’s Latest Website, Aumcore Completes the Successful Initiative to Revise their Brand

Atlanta, GA March 27, 2012 – Aumcore announces the successful completion of our latest project launching the website for The Business Council for Sustainability & Responsibility Malaysia (BCSRM).

In direct response to their new business objectives, BCSRM’s latest website was created as an initiative to help revision their brand from the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Malaysia to BCSRM.

Our effective development and release of their website aligned BCSRM with their new business values by applying a collection of our extensive services which included; online brand strategy, content development, user experience, design, and web development.

The Business Council of Sustainable Development (1992) merged with the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Malaysia (2006) to create BCSRM in 2011.  They now operate as a national organization comprising business leaders from various industries interested in responsible practices in line with the global sustainability agenda.

BCSRM works in Capacity Development, Awareness Building and Thought Leadership activities for Environmental, Social and Governance related issues.

To learn more about BCSRM and their services visit their website at

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