We all know the importance of mobile phone in our life by now. There are very few people who are still not using mobile. Probably after waking up, mobile is the first thing you check. Mobiles are doing everything from us and now even the business owners are accepting this fact and they are moving towards this medium.

Mobile marketing has become a very important segment of marketing these days and everyday more and more people are signing up for this medium. It is a platform which no business can afford to neglect in this current period.

As per Google, 95% of smartphone owners use their smartphone to search for local businesses. If you don’t have a mobile website which can effectively represent your business on mobile devices, then most probably you are losing on your prospective customers.

There are something’s which every company must consider while launching their mobile marketing campaign-

Have a responsive websiteResponsive website is really important if you want to target your customers on every platform. Make sure that your website is very simple, has limited pictures and giving the message very clearly to the users. Also, make sure that your mobile website or responsive website has a business address mentioned with a get a direction and call button. Google gives lots of importance to mobile websites which has better “call to action” feature for the user.

Promote check-ins– This is the new trend in web marketing. If you have a store or a place where your customers visits you, promote the check-in facilities. They are the new social votes because Google gets to know with the check-ins that people are visiting your store. Beside this, the people who are reading the check-ins will also get to know of a cool new hangout place.

Develop a mobile app– No matter what business you are in, there is an app available for almost every business. You just clearly need to establish the purpose behind the app and you are good to go. Mobile App is an easiest way to connect with your customers and showcase them your product/service anytime they want.

Give more facilities in your mobile website– Make the most out of your mobile applications and give the things people want from your company. Make sure that your website have everything which a consumer may require such as payment gateway, shipment tracker, customer service, click-to-email facility etc. This will give you an extra boost to your business.

Create a QR code– Don’t be left out from the trend. Do everything possible to grab the attention of your customer. Create a QR code to enhance the list of your customers. Make sure that you are continuously giving the offers in the market so that people keep scanning your QR codes. Give special treatment to your loyal and regular customers so that they will stay with you for a long period of time and talk positively in their social circle.

 In this cut throat competition era, mobile website optimization or a responsive website is a must. If you are not giving enough attention to this vertical and you must start today!!