Still amazed with the features of iOS 7?  You still feel it was big?  Then wait till you see the features as well as upgrades of iOS 8 which will be available from the fall of this year. It looks like Apple Inc. really plan the things before implementing them.

Aumcore has collected the list of all the features which will be available in the iOS 8. The whole list will open the door of your imagination and you will want the phone as soon as it gets launched in the market.

Some of the coolest feature which will be available are-

✔ There will be an app called health which will collect and store all the data related to your health and will be synchronized with all the health devices you wear. It will assemble and calculate all the data to process the final result on your iPhone screen.

✔ Your family will be able to purchase from your account without your permission. Yes, it may sound dangerous but you will be able to create a family tab on cloud (the user can add up to 6 members) and you will be able to see their media purchase history which has been done using the same credit card. (Any device can be used to initiate the purchase).

✔ HomeKit is the recently launched feature which will also be available in iOS 8. It will let you control all your home devices through your mobile. These home devices can belong to any company. The use just need to synchronize them once with his mobile.

✔ Notifications will be interactive in iOS 8. The user can dismiss, like or add the event to the calendar without opening the lock of the home screen. It will also enhance the battery life of the phone and provide ease to the users.

✔ The mail feature will be very advance in iOS 8. You can add notifications, navigate the messages, add the events and search the e-mails with lots of filter options which will be available in the mobile phone.

✔ This feature is so unlikely for apple, but yes it is true! The users will finally be able to download the third-party keyboard setting in iOS 8. This is the first time Apple Inc. has allowed user to customize the basic function of the phone as per their liking.

✔ The phone will have a predictive text feature called QuickType which will identify your linguistic characteristics and suggest you the word which you are likely to use while chatting in your mobile. It will be your personalized auto-correct feed.

✔ Now the normal messaging feature will be like WhatsApp in which a user can create a group, add and delete people, mute the pings and send the audio’s & video’s just like in WhatsApp.

✔ ‘Hey Siri’ will be very advance. You can awaken her with the voice command and ask her anything starting “Hey Siri”. It will give you the directions as well as take your voice commands. You do not physically have to touch your phone.

Isn’t the new features of iOS 8 is just amazing? We can’t wait to get hold of this new amazing version. Soon we will see the developers are developing new apps which will be compatible with this new version of iOS 8. Good job Apple!!