Your favorite social networking platform ‘Facebook’ is soon going to become more visually appealing and interactive. It will introduce five big changes in user profiles for better appearance of pictures and personal information. The user will be able to display the best of his pictures and information at the top of his profile.

Among different social media platforms, Facebook is most widely used for connecting with friends, family and the world. Like other social media platforms, it also has options to upload personal information and pictures. But, recently announced features will surely take Facebook a step ahead of other social networking platforms.

Facebook project manager ‘Aigerim Shorman’ said that “it’s designed to highlight “what’s going on in their life, what’s important to them now in more expressive ways”. With this message it is very clear that Facebook wants to make a user profile expressive. Now, let’s talk about these new upcoming features in detail.


Below we have listed some new mobile profile features introduced by Facebook, have a look:

7 Second Looping Video as Profile Picture

It is undoubtedly a very interesting feature that is soon going to be launched by Facebook. Instead of applying a still profile image, you will get an option of uploading a 7 seconds looping video. By clicking on the space of uploading profile image, an option will come up and ask for uploading a profile video, which can then be recorded with sound. Whether you will upload a slow video of cracking a subtle smile, or a fast one, these videos will express more about your personality and they will make your profile come alive.

Featured Photos

These photos are a set of five pictures other than profile and cover picture. They will appear at the top section of a user’s profile. These pictures will act as a mirror to user’s identity. It will let a user display his field of interests such as travelling pictures, pictures with pets, pictures while cooking, eating etc. It will let users display the hidden side of their personality, which will help strangers for accepting friend requests or for searching new friends as well.facebook profile photo update

Temporary Profile Pictures

Temporary profile pic is a feature that will let users revert back to their old picture after a certain period of time, either some hours, days or weeks. This feature is highly suitable for supporting any cause, such as digital India or gay marriage etc. The user can change his profile picture temporarily and then opt for the old one after a certain period of time.

New ‘About’ Section and Introducing Bio

Now, soon a user will be able to implement privacy settings in his profile’s about section. If public, the information will appear immediately below the profile picture. A user can also change the display settings by using different privacy filters. Other than this, users will also see a new bio section to give an introduction of themselves in a predefined limit of words. In this section, they will be able to talk about their likes, dislikes, expertise, current job title, hobbies etc.

facebook update about us page

Mobile Friendly Design

As we all are aware of the fact that internet users are shifting to mobile devices or smartphones for accessing internet. Same is the case with social networking websites. Keeping in mind the same user behavior, Facebook is working on a mobile friendly design. The design will not only act as a delight for users’ eyes, but it will also help in easy browsing. As per the information received, new design will feature a bigger profile picture in the center of the device’s screen. Sections of friends and photos are also likely to expand a bit below profile picture.

This is all about the features that Facebook is likely to introduce soon for its users, now let’s discuss some points that how these features can help users to improve their social presence.

Advantages of New Facebook Features

  1. Now the users will be able to present themselves in a better way, on the most widely used social networking platform.
  2. Your favorite social platform will become smartphone friendly and enable easy browsing on the handheld devices.
  3. Improved identity of users will help Facebook managing ad campaigns in a better way, such as for targeting software engineers, doctors etc.
  4. The users will be able to introduce themselves by giving a detailed description.
  5. Feature of temporary profile picture will let users to shift to another picture after a definite amount of time.
  6. And, the most important benefit is that these features will help improving user experience to up to many times resulting in increased number of visits and engagement.

So, just wait for some time to enjoy the best of these features by yourself. Till then, stay tuned with us, because we will keep you updated with all the latest happenings. You can also join us on our Facebook profile to stay connected.