Time has changed and world had moved a year ahead by entering in 2016. Everyone has given a warm welcome to the New Year and so does the world of consumer electronics, by showcasing some breathtaking technology trends in CES 2016. Consumer Electronic Show – 2016 has shown how fast the technology is growing that each and every device of our home is getting smarter. From refrigerator to T.V to a bathroom shower, the big tech giants are divulging the power of technology in every possible sphere.

There are so much to discuss and each and every technology is so stupendous that it is becoming difficult for me to choose the right one to start the discussion. But, I have to, so let’s move on.


Image Source: http://www.samsung.com

What you expect from your fridge to do for you? Setting music, taking photos, have you ever thought your fridge doing all that? I definitely not. But, Samsung’s Family Hub can do the unthinkable. Equipped with a 21.5 inches Full HD LCD display, this refrigerator have surpassed our imagination.

  1. It allows more efficient management of groceries by letting a user know what he needs to buy to keep the stock updated, with the help of a smartphone app.
  2. Three high quality cameras inside the refrigerator can capture the pictures of latest status of the stock and deliver them to the user’s smartphone whenever desired.
  3. Samsung Hub is also a one stop solution for music streaming throughout the house either by playing music on its in-built speakers or with its ability to connect with Samsung wireless Bluetooth speakers. It also don’t let you miss any of your favorite TV show due to the feature of screen mirroring with Samsung Smart TV.
  4. Its flex zone can easily transform from fridge to freezer to solve the food storage issues.
  5. Samsung is also planning to incorporate Amazon’s AI ‘Alexa’ inside the fridge for further simplifying its functionality, i.e. doing all the tasks only with a command. So, whether you want to ask for music, news, weather or calendar, Alexa will do it all for you.

This is not all, there must be some other interesting features as well that we will get to know with its launch. The refrigerator is expected to come in the market in spring 2016.


Image source: Gadgets.ndtv.com

Samsung has made refrigerator a hi-tech machine, so why would LG stay behind? LG has also introduced a ‘LG Signature Fridge’ with features such as ‘Auto door’ and ‘transparent door’. When you knock on the fridge’s door, a part of it automatically turns from black to transparent to lets the user take a peek inside it without opening the door. The main objective of LG behind doing this is energy saving.

Another feature, i.e. Auto door, opens the door automatically when the sensor detects a user’s presence underneath the projected light. The sensor is smart enough to understand presence of a pet and thus not to open the door. The pricing and release date is not known yet.


Image source:Prnewswire.com

Not only refrigerators, but TVs have also made a mark in the show. Although, big brands like Samsung, Sony, all have introduced their TVs, but LG have left them all behind by presenting the thinnest TV of them all, i.e. with a panel of only 2.57mm thickness under its Signature product range. This range also includes washing machines and refrigerators, but the OLED TVs with model G6 and E6 ranging from 55 inches to 77 inches stole the show. The TVs are expected to come in the market by March 2016.

Check out the video yourself by clicking here: LG Signature OLED TV


Image source: Theaustralian.com.au

Gadgets and technology have become an important part of our lives now and thus it is a good idea to use them efficiently to save the environment. Hydrao has come up with a same kind of idea in CES 2016 by launching a Hydrao smart shower that can help in keeping a check on the amount of water being used, by flashing LED lights of different colors while taking shower.

Hydrao can easily connect with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and it lets you decide three different water levels after which you get a reminder to limit the water usage with three different colors of LED lights.

As of now, the Hydrao is accepting pre-orders.


BMW i8 Spyder is loaded with features and the company has created a milestone in the automobile industry. How different the BMW wanted to create is understandable with the fact that this car is roofless and door less. It is embedded with a large 21.5 inches screen that flashes important notifications and also lets the driver to control the car with Air Touch 3D gesture. The car can be operated in three different modes that a driver can select as per his convenience.

The three modes are:

  • Pure mode
  • Assist mode and
  • Auto mode

In Pure mode, the car acts like a normal car and fully remain under the control of driver. Screen also displays very less and important information in this mode to not to distract the driver.

In assist mode, the car acts like an assistant by providing all the necessary information on the way. Or we can say that the driver gets a full artificial assistant in this mode.

Auto Mode, as the name suggests, the car takes on the complete control of driving in this mode, seats convert in a more comforting lounge-like mode and steering reverses in the dashboard to give a spacious feeling. Air Touch 3D gesture also activates in this mode that lets the driver control the buttons and features by making gestures in air.


Panasonic Ora is a home software that will help in keeping the control of everything related to a house from outside to inside. From unlocking doors to managing temperatures, there is hardly anything that Ora can’t do. It also helps in cutting down energy consumption after understanding the behavior of members of that house. The full features and functionality are yet to be revealed by Panasonic, but if everything worked under the plan, soon we will be managing our home with a smartphone.

There are a number of other technological innovations that took place in CES 2016 and are beyond our imagination. Smart homes is the new trend towards which we are heading. From smart home-appliances to smart cars to home assistants, technology is playing a very important part in our lives and making them easier.