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Case Study

Full Digital Transformation for a delicious and sustainable California based Ice Cream company.


Nature’s Organic Ice Cream have a number of delicious Ice Cream stores across California. Nature’s Organic Ice Cream is built upon a sustainable and ethical foundation, by using natural and organic ingredients while avoiding highly processed additives Nature’s Organic has a simple yet effective approach to ice cream:

Better Ingredients, Better Flavor, Better Taste.

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream were in search of a dexterous digital partner to build their eCommerce website to accurately highlight and display the true idiosyncratic ice cream by way of beautiful imagery and to then inform visitors of the brand’s unique story through meaningful content which allows users to engage with the product offering and to fully appreciate what makes Nature’s Organic Ice Cream different from the rest.


Not only did Nature’s Organic Ice Cream need a digital partner to build their eCommerce Website, they needed a full digital transformation in order to drive awareness and this is where Aumcore aimed to establish growth and meticulous branding of Nature’s Organic Ice Cream.

A full digital transformation began with a brand exercise to identify an understanding of Nature’s Organic Ice Cream and to create a vision for not only the brand, but also for its consumers.

Aumcore then began creating a full digital package by redesigning the brand logo. This aim of the logo was to encapsulate nature and sustainability, everything that envisions its brand identify.

Once the logo was completed, we moved onto creating brand guidelines. Brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure brand consistency. Brand guidelines are definitive rules and standards that illustrate how the brand should be represented globally.

Once the brand necessities were met, we began building out Nature’s Organic Ice Cream through paid media and SEO. The objective of the campaigns was to drive brand awareness and digital growth. Paid media was identified as am indispensable element of revenue growth and brand awareness for online businesses such as Nature’s Organic Ice Cream while working hand in hand with the long-term approach of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream website and social media now captures the brands core values through an exceptional user experience which has an easy to use navigation which can guide any visitor throughout the site, while learning more about the brand in the process. The site is mobile optimized using responsive web design, across different screen sizes and paying particular attention to mobile devices for ‘on-the-go’ users.

A bespoke monthly social media calendar was created in order to keep social media postings consistent and of the highest quality content in order to drive visitors to the site.


Nature’s Organic Ice Cream seen digital growth double after its full digital transformation provided by Aumcore.

Natures Organic Ice Cream | Full Digital Transformation
Natures Organic Ice Cream | Full Digital Transformation
Natures Organic Ice Cream | Full Digital Transformation
Natures Organic Ice Cream | Full Digital Transformation