Case Study

Aumcore's Sitecore Web Application Development for MyArthritisRx: a digital platform that provides evidence-based and accessible self-care Arthritis Management Programs.


MyArthritisRx is an innovative online platform that provides arthritis patients with tailored programs to manage their arthritis. Developed by arthritis clinical research experts, the application delivers an interactive program, highlighting resources on disease literacy, a core group of exercises, and social support, that has been proven beneficial for managing arthritis pain.

With the inevitable shift of healthcare towards personalized care, home-care & digital solutions, MyArthritisRx founders created a digital health tool to meet the needs of those who suffer from arthritis. In order to reach as many patients as possible, MyArthritisRx people realized that the best way would be via the development and implementation of a complete and effective digital strategy. This is why they looked for a digital agency that could turn their digital aspirations into reality.


The Aumcore team created and delivered a powerful Sitecore-based web application. The MyArthritisRx website tool contains artificial logic software and is able to stage and sort user-patients into groups, depending on the thousands of different answers received in the intake forums and provide each patient with a tailored program.

MyArthritisRx & Aumcore unite to create a modern and efficient platform, to bring together and help people who face arthritis-related conditions, overcome their pain and guide them through their knee rehabilitation and recovery processes!

From there on, every single chart is being reviewed by physicians and the user-patients are assigned to specific groups for their 6-week courses. Each grouping is based on severity and contains unique content, ranging from exercises to other treatment practices, ensuring long-lasting results. These groupings also contribute by adding a social layer to the program, an essential element, which has shown to increase engagement and efficiency. The human factor, the creation of communities and all empathetic expressions are key to any kind of healing!

The aforementioned groupings also show status, scores, and other progress related KPIs about the group members and multiply their motivation indicators! In addition, there are private trackers in each patients' profiles that display “Knee Pain Score” testing results and progression, as well as other parameters like steps walked.


Since the development of the MyArthritisRx website application, the program grew rapidly and went from 10 to 432 user-patients. We have also created six new severity groupings since launch and we have managed to receive great feedback from the patients-users! And as the program doesn't cease to grow, we’re on track to become the industry's standard for online arthritis pain management.

During our 2.7 Years of frictionless collaboration, we have achieved – by working close together – to significantly improve traffic and conversions. The data below reflect, briefly but precisely, the outcomes of our fruitful synergy!

  • Since June 1st 2020, traffic has gone up by 214% from all channels (Social, Direct, Organic, Referral, and Display)
  • Organic traffic has gone up by 85.12%
  • Conversions (Registrations for Enrollment) from the website has improved by 100%
  • Conversion from the social media (Facebook and Instagram) has also improved by 100% (the conversion rate from the Facebook and Instagram campaign was 1.42%)
  • The Cost Per Conversion (Registrations for Enrollment) from Social Media campaign decreased by 3x times.

Living in such a fast-paced world, we often forget that health is still the top priority, without it nothing is possible or meaningful. Pain management is a growing field of healthcare, as an aging population accumulates morbidities. It is an area that relates equally to physical and mental wellbeing, and in which Digital Solutions are the future, since they can offer flexibility in the promotion of self-management of disorders.

To wish health to those around us is humane and expected but MyArthritisRx efforts go beyond words. Their ultimate goal is to actually alleviate pain and here at Aumcore, we wanted to highlight this spirit and help MyArthritisRx to disseminate useful information and healthcare programs that speak with actions.

With that in mind, during our MyArthritisRx website design journey, we didn’t limit ourselves to work focusing solely on how to communicate a healthcare solution. Instead, we labored to create and deliver a complete and functional digital platform that can really help people who suffer from arthritis-related conditions reduce their pain.

MyArthritisRx | Sitecore Web Application Development
MyArthritisRx | Sitecore Web Application Development
MyArthritisRx | Sitecore Web Application Development
MyArthritisRx | Sitecore Web Application Development
MyArthritisRx | Sitecore Web Application Development