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Case Study

A hot 300% increase of global organic traffic with SEO results as tasty as they sound


A tasty tradition since 1838, Knorr® has been an integral part of family dinners with their wide range of bouillons, soups, seasonings, sauces, soupy snacks, ready-made meals and more. They believe that good food matters, and adds untold pleasure to people’s lives and that everyday meals can be as magical as special occasions. Knorr® also provides dinner ideas, great recipes, and cooking tips for the convenience of every home chef.

Though the Knorr® name is distinctly recognized by shoppers around the world, Google just wasn’t picking up on it. Knorr® began to seek solutions to improve their organic search ranking on several non-branded consumer terms. Looking for a proven success in the SEO optimization industry, they came to us with the challenge of optimizing their site to open their kitchen doors to the many people in search for dinner solutions.


Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), we knew there was a lot we could bring to the table. We began to analyze the US culinary search landscape to gain an insight into existing markets and the needs of the consumers –mincing our plan to deliver delicious results. Partnered together to deliver, we worked closely with the parent company Unilever to achieve the goals and ensure the content was conveyed consistently and accurately throughout the search results.

We optimized content throughout their site. And as a part of our link building strategy, our creative writing team cooked up a rich blend of digital content which was released across the internet to enhance link popularity and track back to the Knorr site, including social presence and an optimized external presence providing backlinks to the site.


The proof is in the pudding, and it was time to present the results. Leveraging our team’s prowess of SEO strategy and implementation, we were able to achieve top organic position for five core search terms closely related with the needs of Knorr’s customer base.

Not only did we meet our goals, we rendered excellence – shifting Knorr to the first page of Google results for an additional 25 consumer search terms, making Knorr® a fire of SEO optimization.

With a strong presence amidst their consumers, Knorr® traffic soared a staggering 250% growth in US organic traffic, and a 300% increase in global organic traffic, exceeding all expectations, and paving the path for delivering tantalizing recipes, cooking tips, and goods to the waiting arms of home chefs around the world. If you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.

Unilever – Knorr®  | SEO
Unilever – Knorr®  | SEO