Case Study

A new swinging approach to Social platforms in the game of golf


The Game of Golf Institute (sweetly renamed to its acronym GOGI) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to increase the interest and advocacy of the game of golf – especially to younger players and those underserved by traditional organizations. By tracking scores, analyzing swings, and connecting golfers of all skill levels, GOGI offers the means to really amp up the game. Met with challenges as the recreational interest of young people shifted away from golf and communication became more digitalized, GOGI was looking for a way to deliver an engaging concept that would recapture a younger audience. They asked us to create a social platform that would overcome these challenges, and become a tool for golfers to connect around the world and improve their game.


Looking for a hole-in-one, we stepped up to par and took a solid swing. It was clear from the beginning that existing social platforms (like Facebook) did not provide the appropriate tools to analyze, track, and share the golfer’s experience. We had a serious #AumThink moment on social network platforms, and looked through the eyes of a golfer and what they would expect to be able to accomplish.

Considering all the possible tools and finding a way to make them work in sync proved to be an elaborate task. First up, we took it to the course and began shadowing golfers to better understand their habits. Beyond that, we also took measures to understand potential golfers, to see what it would take to peak their interest in the sport and get them involved. In the end it was about subtracting the superfluous and amplifying the meaningful.

Developing the user experience for this new social platform itself was an incredible journey, simply because no one else had ever done anything like it. We were off the green and in the rough, dodging sand traps and water hazards. With this unique opportunity, we were able to start with a completely white canvas.


Not only did we envision and execute a completely new concept for the GOGI social platform, we also meaningfully re-crafted their brand, adding appeal for all ranges of ages and experience levels.

Our target goals for the first year were surpassed three months ahead of schedule, generating over 32K users within just 9 months. Through this, GOGI subscribers could now experience golf on previously unimagined levels including swing techniques, fitness exercise, and community connections – all in a mobile-friendly app.

With seamless transitions from any smartphone device, popping green tones, and an easy-to-use interface, we were now speaking a language that could relate to experienced golfers, a younger generation, and golfing newbies looking to get more involved. And with a smashing make-over generating some serious excitement, GOGI was able to present the game of golf with a whole hole new appeal.

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