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Bringing you your daily cup of coffee on page 1 search results with SEO and a rich Marketing campaign


Founded in 1902 in Treviso Italy, DeLonghi crafts fine home appliances across coffee, kitchen and comfort categories. The innovative products they create artfully fuse both design and function, understanding discerning consumer needs for luxurious everyday living. The Delonghi Group includes the DeLonghi brand, Kenwood food preparation and Braun small appliances, bought by P&G. Delonghi’s goal in North America was to bring the authentic, Italian espresso experience to coffee consumers at home. With a DeLonghi espresso machine the art of creating the perfect cappuccino or latte at home is made simple. DeLonghi asked Aumcore to assist them in creating a marketing campaign through channel providers to widen their presence in the North American market and to improve their web visibility with optimized SEO solutions.


Aumcore employed the rich, traditional themes in photography and brand style of Delonghi to create a combination of retail marketing materials (brochures, pamphlets and signage) for display in channel retail outlets to focus customers on the unique, fully automatic espresso machine that consumers were looking for.

Delonghi is now synonymous with personal espresso machines. Their Nespresso Latissima, the “One Touch” multi-beverage espresso machine, has since risen to the #1 espresso machine in North America. Shifted to the first page of Google for the search term “espresso machine” Delonghi is now visible to the eyes of awaiting consumers and represented as a stand out brand with many retail channels with the help of their marketing campaign. It has arrived in North America and made a significant impact in the market while keeping its Italian roots and style. Aumcore was able to deliver on an extensive traditional marketing campaign for retail channels and digital marketing campaigns that achieved increased brand awareness and sales across North America.


By utilizing our strength and knowledge behind Google’s unique algorithms, our team of SEO experts and Creative Content Creators were able to achieve Google page #1 search results for all 10 of Delonghi’s consumer targeted keywords, placing them directly in front of coffee aficionados across North America. And how did those consumers react to the newly found presence of Delonghi? The result was a staggering 26% increase in traffic on their newly optimized site.

By placing Delonghi into their hands, our SEO strategy connected the coffee lovers of North America to Delonghi once again – continuing the legacy of Delonghi’s tradition of the art of coffee, and increasing their sales and consumer brand awareness.

Delonghi | SEO
Delonghi | SEO
Delonghi | SEO
Delonghi | SEO