Case Study

Helping pioneers in employee communication tailor an SEO strategy to better communicate with the digital world


Pioneers in employee communication, Davis & Company have led the industry for over 30 years with innovative solutions that reach, engage and motivate employees to succeed. Their unique values, to act with integrity while building a healthy and strong community, reflect who they are, how they work, and allow them to solve the most complex employee communication issues plaguing the modern business.

Being leaders in communication themselves, Davis & Company knew the importance to properly express their message and service offerings to attract quality-driven prospects. Consequently, they came to us seeking a one-stop shop SEO partner that could assist them improve their website’s user experience and drive more qualified traffic to increase conversions.


When we came into the picture, the ambiguity of Davis & Company’s search terms, coupled with the high cost associated with generic keywords, created a sticky situation known to many digital agencies: low search traffic with unqualified traffic from paid ads. Another challenge we had was that their newly launched website needed to be re-optimized so that we did not lose existing search traffic and Google indexing. We needed to manage their keywords in a strategic manner and to get them back on Google’s radar. As a solution, we decided to analyze the search landscape and embark on an amalgam approach with a paid, organic and social optimization campaign to improve their traffic.

Our plan consisted of four phases: (1) Research and analysis in which we conducted market, competitor and keyword research, and executed a technical, content and link building audit; (2) strategy and planning – based on the digital audit and business goals, we developed a digital optimization strategy that served as a strong foundation; (3) Implementation of our SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), SMO (social media optimization) and content development strategies; and (4) Measurement with post-optimization analysis outlining core search KPIs. Based on the measurements and results, we were able to further tweak our optimization plan to have a higher qualified lead ratio.

For a well-rounded approach, we also decided to be proactive in a world where voice has replaced the keyboard by optimizing their assets for voice search as well (voice search optimization). Whether they come from Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, we made sure voice users can find Davis & Co. when they need them most. To make this happen, we provided them with best practice documents, suggestions and recommendations regarding copy and linking, and went the extra mile by clearing up any on- and of-page errors. Leveraging our in-house technical expertise, we were also able to offer support on the Drupal CMS to make their website more user and SEO friendly.


If Davis & Co. were leaders in employee communication before, our efforts only served to solidify and cement their place at the top. The results? 

  • A 38% increase in total traffic
  • A 25% increase in US traffic
  • An astounding 295% increase in social traffic
  • And a 52% increase in organic traffic that not only met our goals, but exceeded all expectations

As wonderful as these results are, they’re not the whole story; they don’t take into account our voice search optimization efforts. After implementing a strategy that included keywords research and analysis, HTTPS implementation, mobile site optimization, voice targeted content creation and much more, not only did we rank multiple keywords on Google’s coveted first page, but we also saw an extra 5-10% boost in organic traffic from our local-focused keywords, and around a 20-25% increase in organic traffic from long-tail and conversational keywords on resources posts. With more users spending even more time on-site, not everything went up—the bounce rate decreased by 8%, signaling that users liked what they saw and stayed for more.

Davis & Company | SEO & SEM
Davis & Company | SEO & SEM