Case Study

Sounds of a Vision Transformed into a Cleer Reality.


Cleer Audio is a performance audio brand, founded back in 2012. Since then, they have been on a mission to enhance our lives by offering us premium, clearly-heard, and wonderful sounds. From earbuds and headphones to smart speakers, Cleer Audio creates not just devices, but a new universe of acoustic experiences. The creation of industry-changing products was the first challenge, and the search and collaboration with a truly digital agency to make themselves heard was the second! That's where Aumcore stepped in!


At Aumcore, we aimed from day 1 to highlight and showcase the long-term vision of Cleer Audio. Our Digital Marketing Team considered it necessary and crucial to start by tackling the lack of scalability in their existing website. This is why we designed for Cleer Audio an SEO optimized website using a custom WordPress CMS platform! But we didn't stop there. In order to secure the brand's growth, we had to get the word out, so our Digital Marketing people worked up a plan to generate traffic that was based on four key principles.

  • Research and analysis: Aumcore researched the market, analyzed the competition, conducted keyword research, identified the best keywords for Cleer Audio and finally executed a technical content and link building audit
  • Strategy and planning: based on the digital audit and business goals, we developed a digital optimization blueprint that served as a strong foundation and pushed keywords even higher
  • Implementation: with the use of Social media (and other digital campaigns), with paid media campaigns and content development strategies, we succeeded in pushing further the SEO
  • Data Collection and Revision, Adaptation, and Refined Implementation: Through post-optimization analysis, outlining core search KPIs and based on the measurements and results, we were able to tweak our optimization plan


We can talk – theoretically – about ideas and proposed solutions for as long as we want to, but data doesn’t lie. Optimizing Cleer's website for SEO, we’ve been able to rank the Cleer Audio brand on the first page of every high-profile audio related keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Organic traffic was tremendously boosted and with the growth of high-quality referral channels, the help of sales partners, social media, and multiple other channels, we have been able to forge a healthy balance of quality inbound traffic to CLEER's website!

Furthermore, since the initial implementation of our plan, we have continued to push fine tuning to their SEO process and to integrate new marketing strategies, including our most recent PMAX (Performance Max) campaign, that has led to the best month of sales to date!

Briefly, during our three-year collaboration:

  • Traffic has gone up by 420% from all channels (Direct, Social, Organic, Paid Search, Display, Referral, Affiliates).
  • Organic traffic has gone up by 196%.
  • Transactions from the website has improved by 200%.
  • Revenue from the website has gone up by 2,500%.
  • Transactions from the Paid Media Campaigns have improved 1,981%.
  • Revenue from the paid media campaigns have improved 5,142%.
  • Conversion rate from the paid campaigns have improved by 53.33%.
  • Conversion rate from the website has improved by 332%.

With a successful SEO strategy in place, our flawless planning, a mix of diverse paid media campaigns, and all our targeted efforts, we achieved to push the brand's ceiling to new heights and today! When we see the results of our partnership, we feel both proud and excited! Because at Aumcore we wouldn't be content just by making Cleer's premium sound Cleer-ly heard; we wanted it to be mellifluously enjoyed and melodically prosperous!

Cleer Audio | SEO, SEM & Paid Media
Cleer Audio | SEO, SEM & Paid Media
Cleer Audio | SEO, SEM & Paid Media